Reasons to Fall in love with Paris.

Paris is one of those places you never forget. From having spent some time there as a young student on holiday the memories are quite vivid and long-lasting.

From being a typical student and partying too hard with the resultant monumental hangover and trying to recover on the steps of Sacre-Coeur. Spending time in quiet reflection at such locations as the “Jeu de Paume.” Trying to get your head around the weirdness and wackiness of the likes of Dali, Magritte and Picasso after having savoured the serenity And peace of the likes of Monet and Camille Pissarro.

Paris certainly has a wide variety of life. Yes France may have its socioeconomic problems like everyone else but like others they manage. You can find it quite easy to forget about the worries and strains of everyday life in certain parts of Paris.

Life in Paris has the ability to marry successfully the new with the old. Alongside the dignity and Splendour of the more established Paris you have the bustling vibrancy of the new.

You have in Paris, some of the world’s most beautiful buildings and some of the most striking pieces of modern architecture. Just down the street from Elegance and Splendour you have buildings covered in bullet marks and fading plaster that obviously haven’t been looked at since 1945.

Yet stop and ask the typical Parisian why this is and certainly with regards to the fading plasterwork and bookmarks and like the madrilenos asked about some of Madrid’s fading glory they are just as likely to shrug their shoulders and indicate that there are actually more important issues in the world.

Who is to say they are wrong and indeed in a great many cases they are not.

But back to why I like Paris.

The answer lies with the fact that with the minimum of effort everyone is catered for in Paris. Whilst the majority of us relax among some of the most beautiful urban parkland to be found or gazing at some of the most stunning architecture, the more “high brow” amongst us can visit some of the worlds finest museums and art galleries.

From the mighty splendour of the “Musee de Louvre” (the world’s largest museum everyone please note) to some of the more obscure but no less worthy museums such as the “Musee Carnavalet”, and the “Musee National du Moyen-Age”, Paris has something for everyone. Relax and chill in some of the most beautiful parkland in the world such as “Le Jardin du Luxembourg” or “Le Garden des Tuileries” whilst your art loving partners browse the world famous artefacts of the Louvre!

For the religiously inclined amongst us there is the awesome splendour of Notre Dame and for the sheer natural view of Paris there is always the steps of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre which is where we came in if I am not too mistaken.

Yes there is something for everyone in Paris.