Reasons Men Cheat on Their Wives

A man in love, no matter what, loses his pride and, with it, his sense of reasoning. Adultery has been around forever and has always given us something to talk about. Television shows these days center on it, as do gossip magazines.

But despite all the energy dissipated on the topic, we are still very far from cracking on the big question: Why do men cheat on their wives?

Can be blame it on the genes that suggest that man is promiscuous in nature? Evolution psychologists believe that men are wired to lay their seeds in as many women as possible to ensure their genetic survival. In such argument, adultery is thus a way of spreading their seeds.

Let’s face it; sex will always remain a big issue. I heard that in certain places the best way to get a woman to stop having sex with a man is by marrying her.

Why? Apparently, long term relationship seems to suck the sex drive out of many women, leaving their men gasping for fulfillment. With the need for more sex, some men will start “working late” more often.

For many married women, talking about or having sex becomes boring. Most don’t want to try new things in bed anymore, or won’t just perform fellatio.

One school of thought says some men cheat because they don’t want their girlfriends or wives to perform certain sex acts that would ruin their “good girl” image. So, they play the field and get a mistress to take care of that aspect of their sexual fantasies.

Lame excuse, right? I bet. For example, in the movie “Analyze This”, Robert De Niro wouldn’t have his wife perform fellatio on him because “that’s the mouth she kisses my kids goodnight with”!

Also, men cheat on their wives because they like to embark on egoistical ride. Nothing lifts their old self-esteem like discovering that other women still desires them sexually, aside from their wives. This is a proven fact because in long term relationships men begin to question their sexual marketability, leading them to sow some of their clandestine wild oats.

The knowledge that they can get away with their adulterous acts without their wives finding out is another incentive for men to cheat. “What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel”, goes the old adage. And after many centuries, it still holds true. Because no one will know and thus no one will get hurt is valid enough for some men to grab a different helping.

If you are an adulterous husband, you need to be careful; as men get craftier with avoiding detection, women get more sophisticated with detecting, not mentioning their ever expanding network of spies.

Another reason why men cheat is that they consider the women they have had extra-marital affairs with as “sexual trophies”. They simply can’t leave behind the thrill of the hunt, the chase and the conquest.

For some other men who cheat, the excitement is in the variety. They insist that they get tired of having the same women over and over again for many years. They feel “variety is the spice of life”.

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