Reasons For Using A Radar Detector

5 Reasons To Use A Radar Detector
Getting a ticket is a costly venture, one that most people would rather avoid. To help ensure they don’t get pulled over, many motorists have turned to using radar detectors to help them know in advance if law enforcement is laying in wait up ahead.

But what about those drivers who have never had a ticket, don’t speed and don’t think they need a detector? They might be wrong.

There are a multitude of compelling reasons why even the most careful of drivers might want to consider having an edge behind the wheel to avoid having to pay out high ticket costs in addition to jacked up insurance premiums.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons almost any driver could benefit from a radar detector (in locales where they’re legal, of course).

* Human factor – No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we’re all human. This means no matter how careful we are behind the wheel, mistakes can happen. A slight distraction for even a moment that makes your foot go down a bit harder on the accelerator can result in higher speeds, which of course can translate into a speeding ticket.
* Speed traps – We all know they’re out there and no matter how careful we are behind the wheel even a few miles above the limit can result in a ticket in one of these.
* Hidden signs – There’s nothing worse than a speed limit sign that’s hidden, but in some places it’s law enforcements’ dream come true. While some locales have faced action by the court system for issuing tickets in areas where speed limit signs are obstructed from drivers’ view, it pays to know if a speed trap is ahead. While you might not know the actual limit, due to the obstructed sign, you’ll at least have a fighting chance to slow down.
* School and construction zones – In some states even a mile or two above the limit in one of these can result in a ticket that’s double or more than going price.
* Faulty odometer – Mechanical equipment can fail. It’s a fact of life. Even the best driver can be traveling along a few miles above the limit without knowing it. So, it can’t hurt to know there’s “trouble ahead” and have the option to slow down to a hair below the posted limit.

Even for the most careful driver, avoiding a ticket is sometimes impossible. A radar detector can help hedge the bets in a motorist’s favor, however, by at least giving them a heads up about what lies ahead.