Reasons behind Men Divorcing Women

If Eve was the initiator of the Fall, then Adam was definitely the initiator of the first reason as to why a divorce should happen.

In the UK, the number of petitions filed by husbands is much less than those filed by wives. However, the husband rarely wants to hold on to the marriage on his behalf, as the rising trend is clearly towards amicable divorces with both partners agreeing on all possible points that can save them time and money. But why do men want to divorce their wives? Whether they are the ones who have filed for it, or are the respondents, why do they want to part company with their partners for life? This is what we have tried to discuss in the following.

The Blame Game

In the case of the wives of the UK, the most common factor that triggers a divorce is infidelity. If this sounds old fashioned, then the men go right back to Adam. It is the blame game that seems to be breaking up a large number of marriages where men are concerned. Incompatibility is a more modern and definitely gentler coinage. The fact is that women are rising up the corporate ladder with unprecedented speed, and invading into every conceivable male bastion where career options are concerned. The result is an inevitable ego clash at home, and then the shifting around of responsibilities. Whose idea was it to nibble at the apple? This is translating into: Who is supposed to be responsible for the children? Who is going to maintain house? Who will shop for the groceries? This does not in any way signify that men are chauvinistic. It simply means that we are getting busier, and a man would rather divorce his wife than spend a lifetime bickering over responsibilities.

Extramarital Affairs

In 75% of the cases of infidelity, the man is to be blamed. But the remaining 25% is what we are looking at here. Whether they admit it or not, men find it almost impossible to accept that their wives have gone astray. In many cases, the man who is having the affair files for the divorce himself. Many men want to get out of the marriage themselves, and look upon divorce as a chance to start a new life with their present partners. Many do not marry again, and prefer to maintain cohabitation arrangements with their current partners. Sometimes, the dual pressure of work and family gets too much for the man to tackle, and he simply wants to get out of the daily routine that is binding him down. The affair then becomes a gateway to a new and fresh beginning, though it may not last very long itself.

Work Pressures

Britain has the longest working hours among all EU nations. It is not easy to get your career to a certain level before you are at least thirty five. And by the time you are in your mid thirties, the grinding schedule takes out any energy that you might have considered conserving for your family. It is difficult to sustain any deep relations in the face of this competition. This does not mean that a man is selfish, uncaring or heartless, it is just that he is human, and it is literally beyond his capacity to continue being perfect in every aspect of life beyond a point. Even if they are saddened by the loss of that they are about to suffer, they cannot do anything about it. And no matter how unfair it may sound, a housewife sometimes just cannot understand the terrible pressure that her husband is going through, and take sot complaining about the way he has stopped caring for the home front.

Unreasonable Behaviour

Sad but true, instances of abuse, violence, stalking, blackmailing is on the rise where women are concerned. It has been argued that the husband’s behaviour or lack of attention, or work pressures may be driving the women towards it, but what ever the cause may be, divorces are the outcome. Then there is a whole mixed bag of causes, such as vagrancy, addiction to drugs or drinking, criminal tendencies, infertility etc.