Really Odd Fact About Cold Calling Success

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The best cold callers on the planet are topnotch sales professionals. Oddly enough we are also the worst.

When we sales pros first start the process of cold calling prospects, it’s not unusual for us to establish new records for scheduling meetings with decision makers – magically transforming scheduling as many as 8 appointments out of cold calls to 10 prospects.

Then, one day, seemingly overnight, the novelty wears off. The thrill is gone. The smile and dial routine, becomes, well, routine.

Although cold call prospecting is lucrative, you quickly tire of the repetition.

You want the meetings and deals that energize you. But the process of 10-20 calls per day 5 days a week, leaves you bored right out of your gourd!

Did you know many people thrive on repetition and routine? More than half the population falls into that category. As you may well imagine, those folks aren’t drawn to the sales profession.

Our natural behavioral style gives us:

* The confidence to do the difficult assignments
* The ability to think on our feet; and to support (or oppose) strongly
* The talent to bring fresh ideas for solving problems

By our very nature we:
* Are optimistic, enthusiastic, and build confidence in others
* Have the “gift of gab” and an ability to verbalize our feelings
* Are excellent troubleshooters

With the right incentives we sales professionals are willing to take risks that can give our companies unbelievable success.

Routine. Our nemesis.

So, how do you reconcile the fact that the most successful cold calling system has to do with using the same script over and over again?

You have to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so you can develop strategies to meet the demands or routine cold calling. You must claim victory over “the boredom-factor”.

I know that’s tough to do, nonetheless, your ability to fight the boredom is critically important to your success. Folks like accountants and clerks who gravitate toward routine flip out as they read these suggestions. But successful sales professionals, you’ll laugh, and then value these simple yet effective tips. Blast past the dreaded “boredom barrier” as you follow through with these techniques, and keep laughing all the way to the bank.

OK. Let’s shake things up a bit.

Your prospect never needs to know you are doing these kooky things on the other end of the line to break the monotony of cold calling decision makers.

These are the tips that’ll blast you past the boredom barrier.

* Get rid of your chair. Conduct calls from squatting position – position yourself as though you are sitting on air. The physical tension of this “squat” will distract your brain from the boredom as you are challenged to sound natural to the executive assistant on the other end of the phone!

* Stand with pen in hand over a calendar or stylus over your PDA – ready to schedule a meeting. The changes in your voice as you assume this position and your sense of expectation will convey to your prospect. Much like when you extend your hand in person and expect the other person to extend their hand to shake yours, your sense of readiness will convey to your prospect.

* Keep the chair. Lean back in it and put your feet up on the desk, like the big wigs in the movies.

* Oxygenate – project your voice with clarity and strength. First time I did this I got dizzy and called the doctor. He said, “No worries. Your brain isn’t used to that much oxygen! This is good for you. Keep it up.” To get as much air in as you can, put your hands on your bent knees. Lean forward into this slight squat lean, take 5 deep breaths in through your nostrils–so deep that your abdomen fills first then your lungs, and finally your chest. Then, exhale through your mouth. This will pump you up for your calls and add strength to your voice.

* Immediately follow one successful call with another. Your sense of exhilaration and success will carry to the listener. And you’ll feel the sweet sensation of riding the crest of the wave of success!

Is boredom keeping your from your personal best with cold calls? You will blast through that barricade as you master these tips!

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