Really Dirty Job? Pressure Washers to the Rescue!

Well, you’ve got quite a chore ahead of you – that dirty car with road grime underneath, the concrete patio with a winter full of leaves, stones and gunk. Then there’s those windows – very, very dirty and about 20 feet above ground level. What can help you? Pressure washers to the rescue!

Perhaps you’ve seen a pressure washer at a neighbor’s house. They literally ‘blast’ dirt and grime away by shooting out water at very high pressure. Any surface that is dirty can be cleaned by a pressure washer – windows, furniture, any type of shop equipment. In the past, pressure washers were used solely in heavy industry and factories – but you can get great models today that are sized and priced just right for the average homeowner.

When you purchase a pressure washer, what can you expect to get? Typical pressure washer units will come equipped with a water pump of some sort, a hose, and a trigger gun that will have one or more spray nozzles. The consumer-based models are usually much lighter and easier to move around than their heavy-duty cousins designed for industrial cleaning jobs.

Pressure washers for home use typically shoot the water at high pressure but do not heat it. As well, the consumer models typically plug right into your household electrical outlet. In contrast, the heavy-duty-cleaning professional models can heat the water to a high temperature, to really knock out the heavy grease and oil sludge that often needs cleaned off of industrial and factory equipment.

Don’t let your kids near your pressure washer – it is not a toy and should never be pointed at another person as if it were a high-tech squirt gun! Did you know that the force of the water from a pressure washer can literally strip skin off the body, or cause blindness if it is aimed into the eyes?

To prevent injuries, you should take some simple precautions. Always wear eye goggles or safety glasses to protect your eyes. Never, never point the stream of water at another person, or pet. And be careful when cleaning – if the surface you are cleaning has lots of loose objects, like stones or pieces of wood, they can fly up and hit someone. And if you are using a professional model – one that heats the water so that it is very hot – be careful not to burn yourself.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about buying a pressure washer but are wondering just where you could use it? Well, you can use a consumer model pressure washer for such tasks as cleaning driveways, automobiles, trucks, SUV’s and vans (especially underneath), car engines, walkways, basement floors, pools, windows, air conditioners and heat pump units. Once you begin using it, you will think of many more uses.

Electric pressure washers use electricity to power a pump that will force the water out at a high speed. There are also steam types that use water heated to a high temperature that releases steam to enhance cleaning effectiveness. If you want to save some money, you can purchase refurbished pressure washers that work just as well as brand-new models.