Reality for Soul and Self

What is self and soul? The answer to this question is not easy and is very complex. In today’s hard-core life, people are busy earning success, money ad fame. In present highly competitive world, people are running even faster than time leaving happiness, pleasure, joy of life behind. Such people forget that in the race of time they are leaving something behind. In fact, they are leaving themselves behind. The obvious result is stress, tension, anxiety, worry to name a few that has captivated everyone in its grip. The only way to get out of this web of tension is to understand your inner self and soul that is finding oneself. People today don’t realize the hidden meaning of their life. Everyone in his or her life has a specific purpose or aim but in the rat race for earning money, people are forgetting their main purpose of life that is to attaining the hidden self.

For Understanding your inner self and soul you should first try to develop self-esteem. If you don’t hold a high opinion of yourself then you won’t be able to explore your true being. For a high self-esteem accept yourself the way you are. Isn’t to being fuzzy and always complaining about everything as your neighbor has a brand new car or your best friend got an amazing job offer, accept yourself the way you are. For example suppose your friend has got a brand new Ferrari or have build a new gorgeous home but instead of envying his or her success , think about those poor people who cant even afford a two meal, people who are striving to meet the ends meet. Therefore always look at the people below then you because then only you will realize that how big you are as with almighty blessing you have all the luxuries and necessities in your life, which the poor people cannot enjoy.

Always remember that although you can’t do everything in life but at least you can do something and by gods grace try to do that. One of the very important steps leading to finding your inner self and soul is developing a positive attitude towards life. Always look into the bright side of life. Rather than moaning about the past, always think about the future and the opportunities it holds for you. Life has its ups and down, as sometimes it happens in life that at some point of time you may have a bad experience. However, that doesn’t means that life is only full of hurdles and worries. In fact, it’s your own approach towards life that decides your fate. If you have a positive approach towards life and you have full faith and determination in you then no one can stop you from achieving your goals. If you have a positive attitude in life then it will not only make you more confident and determined but at the same time, it will generate a positive vibes in the people around you.

After developing a positive approach towards life try to discover your inner soul. Meditation and yoga is some of the efficient ways through which you can explore your true being. In meditation, a person has to focus on certain thought or his or her inner self. Through meditation, you can concentrate on the divine power that bought you in this beautiful world. Meditation in fact not only creates awareness of inner hidden self but it also relaxes and calms the mind as well as soul. So find your inner self, soul, and live life in peace and harmony.