Ready to Reset Your Body Weight?

The number one weight loss tip is one we all know. Eat less, move more. It seems obvious, doesn’t it?

All we have to do is stop over eating and just start walking more. We can do something as simple as walking around the block one time each day. This would only take about ten minutes at most.

The real key is to just get in action. Is this your routine?

– Get in your car and drive to work

– Walk to your desk

– Sit at your desk for three to four hours.

– Walk to a place where you sit and eat

– Walk back to your desk and

– Sit for four more hours

– Walk to your car and sit in your car to get home

– Walk into your house.

– Sit down and eat and then

– Sit down and watch TV.

– Walk to your bed and sleep

– Repeat

The total amount of time you probably devote to walking in this scenario is maybe about 60 minutes. Did you know 60 minutes of exercise can eliminate 600 calories when applying some degree of intensity to it?

If you begin to use that same 60 minutes to walk fast and energetically it may reduce the time walked down to 30 minutes but would be more beneficial time where you could lose 300 calories per day doing that.

The calories needed to maintain your weight is a total of your weight times ten. If you want to lose weight you need to eat less calories than that number. When you have been below your maintenance number of calories ong enough for the difference to total 3500, you will lose one pound.

By knowing this, you can get control over your weight once you become serious about it and commit to a weight loss program that gives you the nutrition you need while doing so at a minimal caloric intake.

Resisting Weight Loss.

What makes you resist moving? Human nature is to stay in our comfort zones as much as possible. When the comfort zone is to sit in a chair, we resist doing anything else. On the other hand, if your comfort zone were to be outside walking here walking there, enjoying the weather your would be uncomfortable sitting in a chair.

Arrange your life so moving around is a natural part of your life. Get involved with a diet program where you can eat when you are hungry and still experience weight loss.