Ready For Relocation

Relocation can be tough. This is especially true when you have lived in an area all your life and you need to suddenly shake up your comfort zone and just relocate in a town that you are not familiar with. This will not only mean saying goodbye to a place that you have grown to love but also to family and friends that you have been with for so very long.

But there are things that you just need to do. You may want a change of scenery or maybe taking advantage of a great opportunity in your career or in your academic life. Whatever your reasons might be, the mere fact that you are willing to relocate means that the reason is grave enough for you to leave the things that are familiar to you. That reason must be really big!

The stress when relocating can be overwhelming at the start but through careful planning, you can minimize the headache and make sure that you do have a smoother transition. Here are some tips on how to get ready when relocating.

1. Tie up of loose ends
Make sure that you have all your affairs in order before you leave. Pay all the debts that you have and ask people to pay you too. If you have a house, make sure that it is sold or taken cared of by a relative while you are gone. You can have someone take care of the renting and then just give a portion of the rent to him or her. If you need to finish a project at the office, do so. Make sure that you have everything taken cared of before you leave work. This way, you will not have people calling you every now and then for some thing.

2. Check the details of the relocating
If your reason for relocation is a job or some kind of opportunity in another town, make sure that it is legitimate. You would not want to say goodbyes and sell your house only to find out that you have been duped. Check it carefully and if possible go there and stay in that city for a while to do a little bit of investigating.

3. Get a house there
Don’t leave yet without finding an apartment or a place where you can stay in the city where you are relocating. Just packing your bags and leaving without even knowing where you will be staying is not only financially crippling, it is also plain crazy! Most people who relocate to other towns will even send their stuff ahead of time to their new address so that they will no longer have many luggage when they travel. Preparing will lessen the stress of it all.

4. Train a replacement
This is one of the things that people forget when they are planning a relocation. To ensure that you will not be called should an office crisis happen, train a replacement, someone who already knows what you know and therefore equip to handle any crisis. This will not only speak for your professionalism, it will also endear yourself to your boss.

5. File formally.
Just disappearing without telling anyone especially your boss is considered in bad taste. Don’t do this. Ask your boss nicely to let you go and explain the opportunity that you will be getting. Not only will you get a good reference from them, you can come back anytime you can because you did not burn your bridges.