Reading A Man’s Body Language: Read The Cues And Get The Man Of Your Dreams

Women are often hard to understand. But trying to decipher men’s motives are not that easy either. After all, guys are not exactly known for being expressive with their emotions. They have a tendency to mask their true feelings. However, reading a man’s body language can change all that!

Reading a man’s body language enables you to see past all cover ups and defenses. There are certain cues which can tell you whether a man is really interested in you or is looking for another fish in the sea. If you want to learn these cues, read on!

1) Head Tilted to the Side

Want to know whether your man is listening to what you’re saying or not? Check to see whether his head is tilted or not.

If it is tilted, then you can bet that he’s hanging on to your every word. He’s not just faking interest here. He is into what you two are talking about.

2) Muscles Flexing

Reading a man’s body language is easy if you know where to look. A man is usually proud of his physique. When talking to a guy, check to see whether he is flexing his muscles or not.

This can be done openly with him demonstrating his bodybuilding prowess to you. Or it can be done subtly with him trying to help you reach for something and at the same time showing off his sculpted arms.

Although some girls consider this move a little too cocky, it really is just a man’s way of trying to impress you. After all, most of them grew up thinking that the more muscles they have, the better. So just relax and enjoy the view!

3) Legs Apart

A man is definitely interested in you when he spreads his legs (no pun intended) and his torso is facing you. According to experts, this body language means that your guy is getting a wee bit territorial and would like to have you for his own. It’s a totally subconscious move that you absolutely won’t miss.

Reading a man’s body language is easy when you know the meaning and reasons behind his actions. You don’t even have to pretend like you’re not checking him out because all these signals can be observed while conversing or dining with your man.