Read This Critical Review Of Efusjon Before You Decide To Join

Ok, I’ve heard about it enough – what exactly is this EFUSJON business?

Efusjon is a Multi Level Marketing company that started in January of 2009 marketing ‘healthy’ energy drinks. Rather than taking any of the traditional approaches to MLM, they modeled their growth after a wine club and created a unique compensation plan called ‘The Community Overlap Matrix’.The community overlap pays you on the sales of people to the side of you and people above you – even if they’re not anywhere in your personal business.

I heard about this company initially from a friend who called me up excited out of her brain about some new ‘NOT-MLM’ opportunity. (Which, of course, was B.S. – Efusjon is absolutely a MLM company)

She told me ‘all you have to do is get three people, that’s it, and you’re rich’.

This made me brush Efusjon off because I know from experience that even if you have a ‘Community Overlap’ and a ‘exciting new business’ you need to sponsor more than 3 people unless you are one lucky person.

Will Efusjon continue long term? This seems t o be the question of the day?Or are they going to be around 20 years from now?

There are 3 main strong points to the Efusjon business model that you can leverage in building your business. I’m going to cover these first, from the perspective of someone who’s not involved. They are:

1. The STRONGEST selling point in the Efusjon business model, by far, is the community overlap bonus.This innovation in comp plan methodology will help create some of the largest checks in MLM.

2.The fact is – Efusjon is a hot item right now. Now they may not be in the future – but as of 2009, they are a product that more and more people are using every year.Over the next five years, the energy drink market is predicted to jump by more than double it’s size.

3.Efusjon is innovating a new Facebook tool that automatically promotes your business using social networking.

So there you go.So why after all this research did you still not become involved in Efusjon?It’s a great company, isn’t it?

The best question that I use myself is “Do I believe in this product enough to use it if I weren’t selling it”?’ My answer was no. Although I see Energy Drinks as an attractive market – I don’t personally enjoy them, nor do I enjoy the taste of Efusjon products.

Sometimes, I find people just get involved for money, and that’s what gives MLM a bad reputation.That being said – if you are passionate about the Efusjon opportunity – by all means join and get to work.

It’s important to note that even though the Energy Drink market has been growing dramatically over the last 10 years, Energy Drinks may be a fad that dies off in another five.It will eventually be true that Efusjon will have to venture outside of Energy Drinks if it is going to continue to thrive. But I’m no prophet – what do you think?If the market does collapse, though, perhaps you could profit over the short term anyways.

The best advice I can give you regarding Efusjon is to make sure you market your business in an attractive, profitable way.You simply need to learn how to brand yourself, promoting YOU as the leader in your opportunity. This will free you from ever having to recruit your family members again.

Quite frankly, if you learn how to master Attracting people in your business, it won’t matter if you join Efusjon or if you find a different company.The simple fact is that you’ll prosper wherever you go.By far the best benefit to learning this is that you’ll be able to write your own check.

It was my desire that I could aid you in understanding this business in a way that blesses your life.