Raising Siamese Cats

Of all breeds of cats, the Siamese cat is the ideal cat for the owner who wants a demonstrative and loving cat. Known to be extroverts, Siamese cats are outgoing and sociable. They know who their owners are and are frequently seen shadowing their owner wherever they go.

Siamese cats depend on human beings for their survival since they do not possess several traits typically seen in cats. The color of their hair may be good to look at but not good as camouflage. They cannot roam around during the night because they cannot see clearly in low lighted areas. And their hearing sense is less sensitive than those of other breeds of cats.

Siamese cats thrive on company. They love to be around people, which is the reason why it is not advisable to have a Siamese cat if you live alone and are often out. If you do plan to have a Siamese cat as a pet, then make sure there is someone to be with the cat. Or better yet, get another Siamese cat to pair up with your pet cat.

If there is no other Siamese cat available, you can get another feline since it there are other breeds that can be matched with your Siamese cat. You can pair your Siamese cat with another cat breed as long as they will get along. You may need to consult your veterinarian or a cat expert on which breed can be put together with a Siamese.

Make sure to provide them with toys or any activity that can occupy their time. It can be a toy mouse, a ball of string, or even a post for scratching. This will provide some entertainment for your Siamese cats as well as prevent them from using and destroying your own furniture for their play.

A woman would probably envy the metabolism of a Siamese cat since they eat big sized portions of food and yet do not grow fat. It is probably because these cats eat just the right amount of food that will make them full. Anything beyond it, they leave on their plates. So if you notice that there is always a bit of food left on their plates, it may mean that you are giving too much food and must be lessened on the subsequent meals. On the other hand, if they seem to be searching for more to eat, they may still be hungry. Try adding another portion of food whenever you give your Siamese cat a meal until you notice that they are quite satiated. And when they are, take note of the portion you need to feed your cat for their every meal.

A Siamese cat matures faster and earlier than the others in the cat family, some even as young as five months. Since spaying of your cat is recommended on the sixth month, you have at least a month to ensure that your cat does not get into trouble and get itself pregnant since it is at this time of the month that they are actively looking for a mate. You have to keep her indoors and check on where she is and what she is doing. If she manages to get out and find a male cat, chances are that you are going to be a grandparent to their kittens.

Siamese cats often are healthy in general, with a life span reaching up to twenty years. However, they are also prone to having tartar problems on their teeth and even gingivitis. If these conditions are not given attention, it may affect the health of your pet Siamese. They should have regular checkups with their veterinarian to be able to get their teeth clean. You can also do the brushing if your cat allows you to do it.

A Siamese cat is the perfect companion cat for those people who know how to handle its character, since their personalities are the ideal complement to the Siamese cat.