Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

The phrase cold turkey is one that we have all heard of. In this particular instance this phrase refers to quitting your smoking habit. While there are numerous ways of quitting you will need lots of determination if you are going to quit smoking cold turkey. This is mainly because you will not be using any products other than your will power.

While there are many proven ways to reduce your addiction to nicotine products these will take some time. There is also the fact that your body will still be demanding the taste of cigarettes and other types of tobacco products.

Taking the step to quit smoking cold turkey will need your complete determination to this task. As the term cold turkey implies you are going to stop smoking altogether and at once. You will need to have some help at this stage of your habit quitting. You will find different sources of information which should help you in understanding how to go about the task of stopping to smoke cold turkey style.

The first step to quit smoking cold turkey should be your firm determination to kick this nasty habit. Once you are ready for this step you should eliminate all forms of tobacco products in your house, car, and place of work. You might want to tell some friends and your family of your decision to quit smoking cold turkey.

Let them know when you are starting the process so that they can help steer you away from stores where you can buy nicotine products. Also you should get their help in distracting you when the urge to have a smoke hits you.

In order to successfully quit smoking cold turkey you might want to choose a time when there will be nothing like work or educational matters to cause you to stress out. Stay away from alcoholic beverages as these can increase your desire to smoke.

You should also try to introduce a health activity like exercising and running to help you stay away from tobacco products. You might even want to stimulate your mind by playing a game which requires your concentration or even get hold of a good book. Make sure that you have access to drinking water at any time of the day or night.

These multiple steps can help you to quit smoking cold turkey. There are other steps that can be followed. These should be looked into fully before you make any decision to quit smoking cold turkey.