Quick-Fix Delusion

Many of us don’t particularly like our life or at the very least, something about it.

We haven’t for a long time.
And while we have the ability to change, for some weird reason, we don’t do it.

By choice.

Or if we do change, it’s temporary.

Momentary even.
The reality of our life experience is totally in our hands but we try and convince ourselves it isn’t.

We tell ourselves it’s about a whole bunch of other stuff.

Anything to avoid responsibility.

It makes us feel better about what we’re not doing in, and with, our life.

We waste our talent and opportunities and then get mad at others for holding us back.

We have the knowledge, the skills, the resources, the reason and the time.

But curiously, we find a way to stay in the life we don’t want.

The body we don’t want.

The job we don’t want.

The relationship we don’t want.

The situation we don’t want.

And that’s hard work all by itself.

Even misery takes effort.

Some people seem to take some kinda weird-ass solace in their self-inflicted, crappy life.

What’s that about?

Welcome to my pity-party, leave your coat at the door.

We analyse things inside out and upside down and then do nothing.

Well, we do one thing.


Okay, two.


Alright three.


We get up each day and do what we did yesterday.

Because that’s what we do.

We do… the same.

We want change (the positive outcome)… but we don’t want to take the journey.

And if we’re not prepared to travel, we’ll never get to see what else is out there.

We lie to others and sadly, ourselves.

We get angry and defensive when people question us.

No matter how wrong we are.

We’re always planning our new, amazing life.

And then putting the plan in the bottom drawer.

With all the other amazing plans.

Fortunately for us, we always have a good reason for doing nothing.

It’s usually just a ‘timing thing’.

Or a ‘gut feeling’ thing.

You know those?

Others might call it a ‘bullshit’ thing.


Anyway, nobody has it as tough as we do.

They haven’t been through what we have.

They don’t ‘get’ us.

We are so misunderstood.

We keep wasting time, money and energy on things that don’t work.

When the only thing that really has to work, is us.

And when we work, our life works.

Pity we don’t like work.

We like gifts.

We want someone or something to ‘fix’ our situation.

We keep finding new and exciting ways to be irresponsible.

We alternate between adult us and teenage us.

We want the ‘grown-up benefits’ without the responsibilities and realities.

We tell others to do what we don’t do ourselves.

If life was a theory, we’d be incredible.

Pity it’s a reality.

We’re educated and smart though.

We read a lot.

We even dispense sensible advice to others.

We want amazing.

But we embrace mediocrity.

Every day.

After all, amazing would mean hard work.

And we don’t really like hard.

We like easy.

Hey, this is 2007 – hard work, discipline and self-control; are you kiddin’ me?

Such ridiculous, out-dated, archaic notions.

What is this.. 1950?

We’ll work smart not hard thanks.

Don’t worry about us; we’ll fall on our feet one day soon.

We’ve even given ourselves a name; the quick-fix generation.

We were gonna go with… ‘the fat, dysfunctional, drug-using, alcohol-abusing, responsibility-avoiding, excuse-making, time-wasting, frustrated, pain-in-the-ass generation’… but it was too long and we couldn’t fit it on our business cards.

And our lawyers advised us not to.

So we went for the ‘quick fix’ option.

Doesn’t sound so nasty.

The irony of the quick fix… is that it fixes nothing.

It destroys.

It’s sexy and seductive but ultimately, destructive.

It simply puts off the inevitable.