Quick Facts to Learn When Buying Hand Trucks

When needing to buy hand trucks, it is recommended that you do thorough research first. Ensure you identify the job and its details. Check measurements, weights, surfaces, door frames, stairs, etc. with regard to the jobs completion details. Better to be prepared for an issue that always seems to arise when things aren’t planned.

Below are some facts you might want to know prior to making your hand truck purchase.

Consider the capacity strength you need your hand truck to provide and the surface you will be using it on.

a. Aluminum h.t.-lighter, load capacity is ~500lbs depending on manufacturer

b. Steel h.t. -welded framing- load capacity ~800lbs depending on manufacturer.

c. Solid rubber h.t. wheels– for hard surfaces

d. Pneumatic h.t. wheels– provide cushioning to your load-good for fragile items.

Consider purchasing appropriate hand truck accessories. Accessories are a good investment and will save you time and money, and can be used for future jobs.

a. Stair climbers are great for gliding up and down steps.

b. Folding nose extensions are handy for stacking boxes or case goods and fold up into the frame while not in use.

c. Expandable deck increase your deck space to enable larger items placement (you do need to keep under the weight capacity)

d. Curb ramps provide for a smooth transition for any uneven surface and of course, curbs.

Convertible hand truck -Is a 2 in 1 truck that can be used traditionally which is in an upright position. The second option the Convertible hand truck has is to be lowered to a four-wheel position, similar to a utility cart. That’s a nice option to have available. The load capacity ranges from 500-800lbs.

Folding hand truck– are generally smaller than a traditional hand truck and are intended for lighter loads. The handles of folding hand trucks either telescope into the frame or fold in half. Many folding hand trucks are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. The load capacity ranges from 100-500lbs depending on the model.

Standard hand truck– is a simple one-piece welded frame that is strong and rugged. Multiple wheel options are available based on your need. Load capacity is ~600.

Heavy duty h.t. – has a load capacity of ~800 lbs. with varying handle styles for all needs. It’s important to know the job and its every detail to choose the hand trucks that will serve your needs completely.

Compact or luggage h.t. – With portability being its purpose, most of these have collapsible handles. The luggage hand trucks are often used by; teachers, salespeople, lab techs, and anyone who needs help with light deliveries or small loads.

Drum h.t. – is used exclusively to move round, 55-gallon storage drums. Most a mechanism that catches the bottom of the drum and can maintain ~ 1,000 lbs.

Specialty h.t. – are designed for specific jobs, such as moving trees, filing cabinets, chairs, tables, bulk luggage, kegs, 5-gallon pails, climbing stairs, bottled water, heavy machinery and much more. These are designed specifically for the item needed to transport. These are good for someone who will be moving the same product on a regular basis (bottled water delivery).

As you can probably see from this brief article that doing your homework is the key to a successful and profitable purchase. Do your homework and you can have a very long happy relationship with your hand trucks.

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