Questions To Ask at a Job Interview: What To Ask (And Not To Ask) at a Job Interview

In a job interviewer, the HR manager or the boss does all the interviewing. At first, anyway. Once the interview is done, they usually ask the applicants if they have any questions. If you’re the applicant, do you know what questions to ask at a job interview?

There are some appropriate and inappropriate questions to ask at a job interview. In this article, you’ll find out which one you should keep for emergencies and which one you should not ask at all.

1) Let’s talk about money.

In most job interviews, the employer usually asks how much you want as base pay. While it is perfectly all right to ask this question, it is also very tricky.

The best way to counter such a question is by another question. “What is your offer?” This way, they’ll have no other choice but to give you an estimate.

2) Can I have a vacation leave?

You’re not even hired yet and you’re already asking about the vacation leave. This is not one of the questions to ask at a job interview.

Even if you’re itching to know the answer, keep your mouth shut. Asking about leaves at such an early stage might lead your employer to think that you’re not a dedicated employee.

3) Ask about your career path.

It’s always a good idea to ask about the career ladder in the company you’re applying at. This gives your interviewer the impression that you’re here for the long haul and won’t be likely to move from one office to another.

Asking about your career path also gives off the vibe that you’re serious about your craft, and are looking for ways to better yourself.

There are many possible questions to ask at a job interview. The best advice would be to do research about the company you’re applying at and draw your questions from there.