Questions On Leasing Finance and Equipment Financing In Canada ? A Common Sense Approach To Asset Lenders

In a perfect world, ( know it’s.. not! .. but ..) your ability to successfully structure business financing is critical to your firms survival. Let’s ensure you’ve got a solid handle on leasing financing when you’re entertaining equipment financing as a strategy for success. And in the process we’ll ensure you’ve got a solid handle on asset lenders in Canada.

The long term goal is to make equipment financing make sense. That of course means ensuring you have a reasonable level of pricing on your transactions, and, most importantly, that the proposition put forth by asset lenders in Canada makes sense… for your firm! So it’s therefore about asking the right questions and following up on those to make good business financing decisions.

Common sense dictates you want to talk to asset lenders based upon your final choice of an asset that will add value… and profit to your business. You will find yourself going through a three pronged stage of negotiations and fact finding (for you and the lessor)… on then to approval and commitments by both parties, and finally documentation and funding. Seems simple right, so where then do things go wrong?

Your firm makes a stronger case for leasing finance when the asset you have chosen allows you to grow your business and generate additional cash flow. But at the same time you should also be thinking of the term of the transaction, i.e. how long will this asset last. In a perfect world you want to try and best match the useful life of the asset to the term of the lease. In initial discussions with asset lenders ensure they understand the assets value in your overall growth and future plans… that’s important.

Choosing the asset is half the battle, ensuring you can pay for it is of course the other half. That’s why some basic cash flow analysis and payment budgeting should be critical at this point in your finance decision. A simple financial calculator can calculate estimated lease payments in seconds. Although we’re still at the beginning of the transaction give careful thought to what will happen to the asset at the end of the lease – for example, do you want to use it, return it, re finance it for an extended period of time, etc…

We’ve spoken recently on ‘ the box ‘ in leasing. What’s the box? asks our clients. It’s the proverbial credit box – that cage that lessors try and put you in to ensure you perfect fit into the box modules – deal size, asset type, your credit quality, pricing re interest rate they will charge… etc.

We’ve seen clients spend countless hours, days, weeks, even months! muddling their way through the boxes. This where some common sense information on what type of equipment financing company most suits your firm is worth a lot .. in terms of time and money. Your ability to present the asset, your credit quality, and your long term viability when it comes to making payments is critical at this point.

Experts. You can’t be expected of course to know the substantial and fragmented nature of leasing financing in Canada. Who are the asset lenders, which one suits your perfectly, and are you working with the right firm if you have had financial challenges in the past that will be convincingly solved in the future.

We continue to believe the common sense approach to working with an expert in any area of your business makes sense .Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor to ensure you have the questions, and the right answers! in place for Canadian asset lenders. Allow the power of leasing finance to help you over achieve on your business finance goals.