Questions concerning the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is a simple way of attracting into your life anything you think about. The dominant thoughts that you have will find their way to manifest.

Here are some of those problematic questions to think about what happens in certain situations below:
·What happens when there are two people applying for the same position for a job?
·How does the law of attraction affect a child who is being abused?
·If I want my marriage to work, but my husband could care less, what will happen?

These questions may seem to weaken the concept of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction needs an objectivity to provide the best answers. With respect to a child, their thought process is limited. The adult who commits the abuse is in control of the situation.

I’ve never been satisfied by others’ answers to these questions, and they’re pretty important questions if the Law of Attraction is to be believed. Some books hint at the solution but never really nail it. That nail, however, can be found in the concept of subjective reality.

Now the law of attraction has more to do with subjective reality in which there is only one consciousness and that’s yours. With the objective reality, there are more than one persons involved as in the case of the two people who are applying for the same job and if one person knows about the law of attraction (subjective reality), he or she can use it to their advantage and leaves the other person at a disadvantage.

One person’s intention is to get the job and nothing else matters to them. That person has become the thinker in their own universe and has identified the position with their own character. In other words, they have thoughts that the job was created for them and no one else can get that job but them. This is the powerful attribute and results of the law of attraction and anyone can use it to their own advantage.

In the subjective reality, you do not identify yourself with a physical body. This is a mindset. You condition your mind to think the way you want it to think. It is as if you are in a dream and in the dream you can do anything you believe you can. It has not become a reality yet because it is in your subconscious, but when you wake up, you can switch your conscious thoughts to believe that dream.

If your thoughts were in conjunction with the circumstances around you, then this would be your physical reality and creates conflicts with your thoughts if you allow it to do so. You have to develop an intended outcome by holding your thoughts hostage to the results that you want. You create the entire situation with your belief and expectations.

The physical reality is exactly what you think it is. If you think about war, poverty, disease and fear then that’s exactly what will be manifested in your life. If you think about peace, love, and joy, you’ll manifest that too.

Whenever you think about anything, you signal its manifestation. To alter your reality, you have to change your thoughts no matter what the physical circumstances around you are. It requires discipline, but once you get the full grasp of it, then your life becomes exactly what you want it to be.

Copyright (c) 2007 Cheryline Lawson