Questioning Skills and NLP Training

Have you ever noticed that I begin a lot of my articles with questions?

Asking the right questions can make a huge difference to your quality of life, ask the wrong ones and they could be disastrous.

Questions also draw people in and if used in the right away leave people hanging desperate to know more (an old but effective marketing trick).

NLP teaches you a new model of the world that will make you replace the questions you would normally ask yourself with new ones. If you were at cause in your life rather than the effect how would you change to get even better results? By simply taking charge and recognising that you are causing the results you are getting in your life you automatically begin asking new questions.

The right questions give you better answers, for example whereas once you might have asked the question why does this always happen to me? You may now begin to ask the question How can I ensure that this does not happen to me again?

Try it yourself now. When you are feeling low what questions do you ask? How can you change them to empower yourself and make a difference to your life?

You can use questions to improve almost any area of your life. Here’s a list of questions that you can apply to any area and make improvements.

• How can I improve on that [specific area]?
• What strategies is (x) using that mean they get better results?
• What can I do to make it better and take less effort to?
• How can I make it so that I enjoy myself even more?
• What level of proficiency do I want to gain in this area?

With a little bit of practice you will begin to ask questions that are a lot more empowering and useful to you. It requires discipline but the results that simply asking a different question can bring are amazing. It requires careful thinking about how to frame the question but the effort will be worth it.

Questions aren’t just useful for yourself – by asking the right question to someone else you can make a massive difference in their lives and performance as well. For example by asking one of your workers how they can improve productivity and enjoy what they are doing or asking your child how can she make it so that she enjoys doing her homework. When you ask a question it engages the brain and causes the person to answer. If the person you are questioning actually seriously thinks about what you have asked the chances are that they will come up with some pretty remarkable answers.

So what questions can you ask that will make a huge difference to your life and the lives of the people around you?

A good NLP training course will give you a range of ideas and ways of looking at the world that mean you will start thinking about how you question yourself and others in new ways.

How many different ways can you already think of to use new ways of asking questions? Here are a few ideas:

Personal development: What is the one question I can ask myself that will give me the biggest result right now?

Management to team: What do I have to say or do to support you in making this project the best result we have ever had?

Trainer to class: Of all the benefits of attending this course which one motivates you to keep focused and learning?

Sales agent to prospect: What is the one objection that if we overcome you will realize that this is the best product for you?

Any good NLP Practitioner will recognize these as presuppositional questions. In non jargon terms, by considering and answering the question certain assumptions are presupposed as true. Now you understand the concept how many other ways can you think of using this?

On a good NLP Practitioner Course we will show you how to create presuppositions, generate questions and then tie them into a specific context like recruitment, coaching, sales and any other influencing situation you can think of.

Have you ever heard the saying – “ask a stupid question get a stupid answer”? …well having read this article are you already considering the huge amount of power in well thought out constructive questions?