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white and pink flowers bouquetWhy Cremation Is Favored in Modern Times

Cremation is one of the most popular funeral rites in the world. It is a known alternative to burial that leaves behind ashes, which can be placed in an urn. This funeral rite was widespread in ancient times but lost favor as new beliefs came along. However, by the 20th century, it has once again gained popularity even among religious sects. At present, cremation services are offered all across the world.

What Are the Benefits of Being Cremated?

With the popularity of cremation in today’s society, more people see the advantages of this method. Some of the most notable benefits of being cremated include the following:

  • It Is Cheaper Than Being Buried
    Cremation is less expensive than burial. It is often chosen by people who are looking for affordable funeral options. Compared to traditional burial services, cremations are generally up to 50% cheaper. It is possible to forego caskets and headstones when the deceased is cremated. This eliminates the need to pay for additional items and services.
  • Embalming Is Not Necessary
    Embalming a body is a common practice for traditional burial services, which usually includes viewing. Since the deceased will be visible throughout the wake, they have to be prepared and presented properly. However, embalming requires additional fees. This process can be skipped if the deceased will be cremated.

Viewing is unnecessary for those who will undergo direct cremation since the body will be incinerated moments after passing. As such, there is no need for the deceased to be embalmed.

  • The Remains Are Easy to Transport

When the deceased is placed in a casket, their family has to coordinate with the funeral home if they want to move the body of their loved one over state lines. However, if the person was cremated, their relatives can easily transport the ashes anywhere. 

The portability of the cremains allows family members to hold memorial services in other places. It also enables them to divide the ashes amongst themselves.

  • It’s Fine to Be Cremated Even If You’re Religious
    Back in the day, some religions were against cremation since this funeral rite went against their beliefs. However, at present, some religious sects are now allowing this option as long as certain steps are followed. Catholics, in particular, are discouraged from scattering their ashes. Instead, they should place the remains in a sacred place, such as a columbarium located in a church.
  • You Don’t Have to Purchase a Plot
    Cemetery plots are essential for traditional burials. However, those are getting scarcer by the day in America. As a result, the prices of burial plots keep increasing. This won’t be an issue if the deceased is cremated. 

Since remains are more lightweight and can be kept in an urn, the family can have more options on where they would like to store them. Some people choose to keep the ashes at home or in a columbarium. Others even put them in necklaces and other jewelry. If the family wishes to do so, they can also scatter the remains in a place that is special to them or the deceased.

Memorial Service With Cremation

The elements of a traditional funeral service are often retained during a cremation memorial service. Prayers and eulogies are said, and memories of the dearly departed are shared with friends and family. It is common for someone to read Psalm 23 during the service as a reflection of how God remains by a person’s side throughout their life, and even at the end of it.

During a cremation memorial service, the urn is placed on a table at the front of the room. The family can choose to put a framed photograph of the deceased near their remains. The table is often surrounded by flowers, but the relatives can modify the decoration as they see fit. Other details, such as videos, music, personal items, and pictures, can be displayed if the family wishes to do so.

Coordinate With a Trusted Funeral Home

Cremation is an excellent option to consider when you are planning a funeral service. With the help of a reputable and trustworthy company, you can be assured that the process will go smoothly. By doing your research, you can narrow down which funeral homes offer quality cremation services in Laredo, TX at an affordable price. The right one will be able to answer your queries and meet your needs.