Qualities of a Good Mobile Website for Automotive Dealerships

People are increasingly relying on their mobile phones to research online before buying a product. They are using mobile phones to compare (prices and features of products) and buy.

When it comes to purchasing vehicles, which generally are big ticket items, customers tend to do more research before they buy one. This trend is necessitating the need of a good mobile website for auto dealerships. A good mobile website should have certain qualities; some of them are mentioned below.

Mobile and desktop versions – both should look similar
Many customers might have already used the desktop version of your auto dealership website. So, it is imperative to design a mobile website that is a replica of desktop version for the sake of consistency. This can be achieved by keeping the visuals in both the websites alike. By doing this, even the new users will not get confused when they toggle between the desktop and mobile website.

Simple design that effectively optimizes real estate available
Mobile phones have less space compared to desktops. Hence, the mobile website of your auto dealership should also have a minimalistic design. You may have hundreds of things to show to your customer, but think from the user’s point of view – what he looks once he enters your mobile website, what would be the better way of presenting things and the like. Based on this, prioritize things and place only the important and useful things for the user. Also, the navigation should be well structured to facilitate customers to complete a task with fewer clicks.

Quick load time
Compared to wired broadband connections, mobile Internet connections are slow. That is, the data transfer takes more time. So, the mobile website should have a user-friendly design in order to facilitate fast loading even on slow Internet connections. Further, as every auto dealership website will have vehicles’ images to show to customers; if the page takes more time to load due to these images, customers may get frustrated and leave the site. Therefore, it is better to optimize images so that they don’t affect the page load times of your dealership website.

Readable content
The content provides the necessary information to customers. Therefore, make sure that content is in readable text to suit the mobile website. It should not force the user to zoom the page view.

Optimized for various screen sizes
Different mobiles will have different screen sizes. Your auto dealership mobile website should be optimized to fit every screen size. There is a technique called responsive design. Use this technique to design the website, which enables automatic accommodation of the website to scale up and adapt to fit any screen size.

Cross platform compatibility
People use different mobile phones that operate on different platforms like iOS, Android, etc. Therefore the website should be designed to load and operate well on all the platforms. For example, iPhones will not support flash, so designing a website with heavy flash content is not appropriate for iPhones, iPads and other platforms which do not support flash. Therefore, it is better to use only the technologies that will operate well on all platforms.

A good mobile website should have these qualities. Don’t lose out the chance of increasing your sales by providing a sub-standard mobile website to your customers.