Qualified IT Services: Damage Assessment Reporting Just Became Easier

On May 22, 2011, an EF5 tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri, killing 162 and even causing $2.2 billion in loss. As a consequence of extensive route of the actual weather event, pro damage examination methods have been needed to study and even document the harm. The Center for Geospatial Intelligence at the University of Missouri helped to provide those instruments when using IT application which discovers modifications to topography making use of satellite photos. The outcome produced through the application made it easier for federal businesses synchronize restoration services for Joplin in a timely, efficient manner.

The thing that was accomplished within Joplin has been accomplished around various other disaster locations through the help of exactly the same techniques. The application used by the Center for Geospatial Intelligence is a component of the completely new type of tools that expedite and even economize damage evaluation reporting. As well as geo coding, this equipment provide the following advantages, among others:

Automated Damage Evaluation Reporting

Automatic damage assessment reporting cuts down on the requirement for employees plus decreases human miscalculation. As outlined by research, automating destruction examination reporting can increase the efficiency of the reporting procedure by 10 times, and reduce its charge by ten times too. When it’s executed by way of a handled IT support company, automated damage examination reporting can save agencies that consistently accomplish reporting lots of money annually, if not more.

FEMA Damage Evaluation Template

In order to document destruction assessments to FEMA in a way that brings a well timed reply, the reporter must make use of the FEMA analysis template. Suppliers of pro IT expert services at this point include FEMA template inside damage review reporting programs.

Gets Picture and Video Proof

In terms of knowing the extent of large-scale destruction, a photo is really worth 1000 words. By way of posting visible proof of the damage, the actual reporter can create a powerful case to get a well-timed response.

Who Requires an Automatic Damage Examination Tool?

Firms that measure the destruction a result of substantial activities including tornados need the ability to record destruction assessments routinely, yet companies that record damage brought on by small occasions just like vehicle accidents can usually benefit from the same capability. Now, insurance carriers plus corporations often utilize destruction evaluation reporting applications.

Whatever the sort of damage that really must be noted, an automated reporting tool aids the particular reporter to assess and record it rapidly, in a economical method, plus the method in which induces a fast reaction.


If your business needs a better approach to record deterioration assessments, getting in touch with the ideal company of pro IT services needs to be your following move. In addition to offering an automated damage examination analysis program, the company can help you tailor the methodology towards your analysis method by providing handled IT service.

Just as the Joplin tornado demonstrated, productive deterioration examination analysis is dependent upon a lot more than the particular integrity of the reporter; it also is determined by the actual capacities of the reporting application. By using a program which computerizes deterioration assessment reporting, the particular timeliness and value of the reporting course of action can improve drastically, along with a response to the document can be acquired in a shorter period of time.