QCS Consultancy Services

Quanta is a company that is not only dedicated to providing recruitment services, it also provides a consultancy service that is aimed at enhancing the efficiency and profitability of a business enterprise. The consultancy services which Quanta provides is aimed at assisting companies with reducing costs and optimizing the productivity of their intellectual capital. When companies face rising costs, there is always the temptation that the firm will seek to cut down on its human capital in order to cater for these costs. The Quanta suite of consultancy services provides firms with a more efficient way of minimizing rising overheads. Quanta can help an organization to adapt, evolve and restructure its mode of operation in way that promotes human resource optimization and enhances overall business performance.

The benefits that a company can obtain from the Quanta suite of consultancy services cannot be overemphasized. Aside from saving money and increasing human resource efficiency, companies can reduce their operational risk, enhance their flexibility and add value to their overall business. It is worth mentioning that today’s volatile economic climate and the nature of the global economy as a whole makes the Quanta consultancy service an indispensable solution. The QuantaSensus is a suite of services that enables the company to advise and implement effective human capital strategies for their clients. Regardless of the type of organization involved, Quanta can effectively deploy this solution for the overall well-being of an organization. The QuantaSensus comprises of resource services, resource optimization and resource consultancy.

The Quanta Sensus resource consultancy service is aimed at creating a foundation on which a firm can begin making the necessary changes. Some of these changes include creating a well defined framework for the measurement and management of skills. The organization will also have to effectively manage knowledge and competencies throughout the organization. The excellent reputation of Quanta in the field of resource consultancy services is clear because they have helped many large organizations to transfer knowledge from expensive external staff. Quanta has also assisted companies with the investigation of options like outsourcing and with identifying duplicated resources.

Furthermore, some of the other key services which Quanta provides in this regard include competency profiling, process optimization, performance measurement, change management and partner selection. The Sensus® model is a flexible service that can be applied holistically or in segments. The benefits which client companies can obtain from adopting the Sensus® model is truly diverse.