python car alarm

Accessorizing Your Python Car Alarm System

There are a number of accessories and tools that help enhance your python car alarm’s performance. Some accessories and parts are even necessary for the proper functioning of certain car alarm features. Below are some of the more popular bulldog car alarm accessories there are available today.

Glass Break Sensors

True to its name, a glass break sensor will send a signal to your car alarm to inform it when somebody is attempting to get inside your vehicle by breaking your windows and set off an ear-splitting alarm. It monitors glass shattering via a small microphone hidden inside it.

Radar And Motion Sensors

Also called microwave sensors, radar or motion sensors fortify your car alarm system by enabling it to sense movements outside and within its perimeter via its dual or single zone shock sensors. When this ha

Once the radar sensor notices that the movement has come closer and breached its interior perimeter, the alarm goes off wildly. YOu can adjust these sensors according to your preferences, so you can either widen or narrow its scope. This is one of the best accessories for your car alarm system because it is relatively accurate, compared to most implements.

Starter Disable Relays

When somebody is attempting to steal your car, the starter disable relay will disable the thief from getting your car in motion by, well, as the name suggests, disabling the starter. As soon as the alarm senses that somebody is trying to get in via a remote starter or by some electronic device, a circuit of your choice will be disrupted. So when the thief tries to start your car, his key will not be able to identify where the starter is.

Trunk Release Modules

Trunk release modules allow you to protect the stuff you have in your trunk by transforming it from manual to power operated.

There are many other accessories available to spruce up your bulldog car alarm system. Visit your car dealer or search the Internet for suggestions. Accessories to your bulldog car alarm system come at an added cost, but they are very practical and useful implements you cannot simply ignore.