Putting Together An Airplane

Of the three, the Firebird Scout is the best of the group. All three are designed to separate, with little success of learning to fly RC. The only thing wrong with them is that the radio is not really reusable, since the majority of planes you’ll be dealing with in the future require at least three channels. They do not come with quick chargers so you’ll have to get several more batteries and then charge them at home. All three really don’t fly very well, and actually take an "expert" to get them to fly.

I would highly recommend that you save your money and purchase something that will work. My recommendation is the Multiplex Easy Star. It comes with a good Hitec 3-channel transmitter, two mini-servos, receiver and electronic speed control already installed. It also comes with a quick charger to recharge the battery in about 1/2 an hour. Once again I’d recommend that you purchase at least one extra battery.

A brushless motor from the major manufacturer will insure a quality motor that will be up to putting out the power. Motors do not ensure long flights, the capacity of the battery does. Batteries with the longest flight times and lowest weight are called lithium polymer and are available. Choosing the right one is up to you.

Designing, building and flying scale model planes are a lot of fun, as you have found out. I would suggest that you start with a fairly simple type single engine as your first scale project. You’ll find a series of books from Harry Higley very useful. Model Airplane News and Radio Control Modeler also have useful books.

Bookstores and hobby shops carry publications about specific planes with 3-views, colors and markings. Actually, I got 95% of the information on my latest design, including views, from the Internet. I did purchase a plastic model of it to help envision the design in 3 dimensions. What you need to do is become better at building with experience and patience. Many great models are designed and built using simple tools, but by a person with a lot of experience and a passion for that model and doing it right. The more you build, the better builder you will become.

All that a matter right now is how you think your plane should look. You can always work your way up. Some of the neatest models have come from many that start out when they were young. They have all learned patience and have gotten their experience from all the time that they spend building model planes. They learned from all their mistakes. Making all their mistakes they have learned and now they know what they can and cannot do when it comes to some of the models that are out in the stores today.