Put The Love Back Into Your Relationship Through Radical Thinking

So you’re in a relationship that you’ve been in for a while; it’s become mundane, you no longer yearn for each others’ smile or touch; in fact, everything your partner does has the ability to irritate you…but you don’t want to join the ranks of the dissatisfied singles either. You don’t want to have affairs. What can you do to rewind time, to “get back that loving feeling”? Because, if you’re not willing to jump ship you may as well make the most of the boat you are in, and get back to a feeling of relaxed, happy, enjoyment with your partner. You are all too aware that it’s better for them, you and the kids.

When something isn’t working and you want it to work (no matter what that something is) a scientist would set aside all previous assumptions and start afresh. Every successful scientist knows that this is the way to go. All of the many great discoveries have been made as a result of a willingness to NOT to right. In order to rediscover each other, and to rediscover mutual respect and happiness, you have to first question what might happen if everything you thought was wrong might in fact be right?

This radical approach is exactly what is needed; unless you are willing to be wrong, you will not be able to make a new discovery. I don’t just mean a willingness to see things from your partner’s perspective; that isn’t enough. That simply implies “I see my side and I see yours aswell”. It doesn’t reach deeper to your core beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. To create real and lasting change one must inspect the foundations beneath the surface, not just the structure which is visible above the surface.

Think of it in terms of pursuing a scientific goal. Let’s take the discovery that the world is in fact round and not flat. If you as a scientist were not willing to be wrong and to turn things upside down, you could not then go on to discover that the earth orbits the sun, and so on. A willingness to revolve 180 degrees in the way in which you think is what opens the door to new experiences and new feelings. If you keep thinking the way you’ve always thought, you’ll keep feeling the way you’ve been feeling. A radical change in your thinking is the only way in which to create a radical change in how you feel within your relationship.

This willingness to be radical in your thinking is what paves the pathway to a feeling of enlightenment. Then you will have created an environment which is conducive to the letting go of negative patterns of behavior and allowing the onset of the loving relationship which you deserve, and crave.

No matter how your relationship has been in the past, by choosing to think radically you can change and deliberately create the most wonderful fulfilling relationship. You can learn to relax your thoughts and calm your mind and feel a sense of inner peace and wellbeing. In this state new possibilities will present themselves to you and you will be able to imagine yourself and your partner as you want to be, feeling a deep sense of joy and bliss in your day to day life.

Once you have allowed yourself to question whether what you thought was wrong was indeed right, you may also find benefit in the use of self-hypnosis to further stimulate and re-generate love into your relationship. Hypnosis is normal and natural and allows access to your inner mind and so can be used very effectively to both release redundant feelings and also to stimulate new and exciting emotions.

You might find the idea of using hypnosis downloads or a hypnosis cd as radical aswell…!!

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for relationship issues.