Put the Law-of-Attraction to Work for You

Have you heard about the Law-of-Attraction? It’s a universal law, which, like gravity, is always operating whether you’re aware of it or not, are thinking about it or not.

Law-of-Attraction lines us up with all of the events and circumstances of our lives. So, how can you harness its power to create the life you want?

Realize that Law-of-Attraction works on frequencies, and that control of your frequency is in your hands. You can only receive that which matches the frequency you’ve got your dial set at. If you desire different results, it’s up to you to adjust your frequency.

Say, for example, you truly desire a satisfying, joyful relationship with a significant other. Yet you’ve had dissatisfying experiences in the past and most of your thoughts on the subject sound like: “Relationships are difficult”, “The good ones are all taken”, “I must not be meant to find the one”, “They’re all jerks”, “She just wanted my money”, etc, etc, etc. So your desire is this satisfying relationship; and your frequency is all about dissatisfaction. Are you seeing the discord?

What must happen for you to receive your desires is for you to line up with what you do want. Start softening your negative thoughts and feelings by deliberately reaching for something that’s a little closer to your desire: “Well, maybe they’re not all that way”, “It’s a big, big world with all kinds of people in it”, “If I exist with this desire, there must be someone else out there who desires it, too”, “I have seen some people who seem to have satisfying relationships, so I know it’s possible”, etc., etc.

Realize it’s an ongoing, gradual process. It’s a mistake to think you can instantly switch your dial from, say anger, to instant satisfaction. But you can switch it degree by degree. And, as you do the work of improving the content of the thoughts your focusing on, you’ll start noticing results in your life.

Law-of-Attraction affects the thoughts that come to you in your own mind, too. The more you think thoughts in a positive direction, the more new, more empowering thoughts will occur to you, bubbling up into your mind.

So, harnessing the power of Law-of-Attraction is all about lining yourself, i.e. your thinking and feeling, up with your desired outcome. Saying and doing things in alignment with your desires.With practice and consistent deliberate intent, you will see improved results.

Since I started learning about the Law-of-Attraction almost three years ago, my life has been surely and steadily improving. It is my sincere wish that you find improvement in any or everything, too.

One resource I’ve found to help me on this journey is a website called Manifest Life. It’s an amazing collection of resources from some of today’s “Manifesting Masters”. The main meat of this site are the recorded conversations with these “masters”. They are interviewed by the creator of the site, and the conversations are awesome!

Many of them talk about the Law-of-Attraction, and offer many strategies and tools for implementing knowledge of it into daily life to see real results.
I have found the information there extremely useful.

So, I hope you start learning more about the Law-of-Attraction, and how you can work with it to your advantage. You can create the life you desire!

Wishing you abundance and joy in all matters,
Carrie McLain