Put an end to the cholesterol and the kilos in excess without medicine (Part I)

Fundamental rules: Two types of foods have to be well known: the saturated fat and the foods rich in cholesterol . The saturated fat is your principal enemy. They relate to primarily animal fat (solid at ambient temperature) with an exclusion with the fish fat. But the sea food has a huge level of cholesterol. Sea food is good for a diet but not for people affected by the cholesterol. What a paradox!

The practice: Used fats are vegetables and are useful for cooking or accompanying foods (olive oil, grape pips oil, vegetable margarine).

The dairy products which you consume without restriction will be always with a very low fat level. The regular milk contains animal fats. Therefore, you only can consume skimmed milk. And the light cheeses have to be consumed with moderation.

Bread, pasta, rice, fruits and vegetables can be consumed without moderation.

White meats (with an exception with the pork) and fishes are the best friends.

A place of choice is reserved with the apple rich in pectin whose regular consumption cause a drop in cholesterol.

It is the same with the red wine. With moderated consumption (two daily glasses), it contributes to the reduction of the cholesterol.

Certain modes of cooking must be privileged (will be discussed in a future article).

A diet with your doctor must be checked and monitored, especially in the beginning. We advice you to meet your doctor at least once a month.

These regular visits have two essential goals. First of all, you have to control your results. You must make sure that the objectives to reach were obtained. With the control of your weight, you have to use all the time the same balance and if possible at the same time. You have to make a blood test at the end of two, four and six months.

Secondly, you will be better informed. You can put to your doctor all the questions which will not fail to be binding on you and and thus to make preciser certain particular points in connection with your personality.

In the event of insufficient results the doctor will ask you to fill a book or a notebook on which you will note each day the exact composition of all your meals. By reading this document, your doctor will be able to correct the large or small errors which you sometimes have done unconsciously.

Lightened butter and margarine: The regular butter is very rich in cholesterol (250mg for 100 grams). In comparison, a fish contains ten times less cholesterol. Also lightened butters with 41% fat initially appeared and at present with only 25% fat. Thus, that contains four times less animal fat and cholesterol.

The margarine consists of a homogeneous mixture (blending) of fat and water. One calls that an emulsion. It is clear that the margarine’s manufactured from animal fat are contra-indicated in your diet. Their only interest is their attractive price. The vegetable margarine is much healthier, easy to spread out on a piece of bread but there are more expensive.

A little revolution: The recent arrival on the market in margarine’s enriched with vegetable sterols represents a considerable progress in the field of fight against cholesterol. Indeed, these sterols are supposed to reduce the rate of bad cholesterol, cholesterol LDL. The manufacturers announces a fall from 10 to 15% of the cholesterol LDL for a daily consumption of 20 grams of the product for one month within the framework of a well followed diet.

More info about how you can end up with your cholesterol will be presented in the next articles with these subjects: fishes and sea foods, meats and fat materials, is the wine your enemy, 3 lists (good fats and the bad fats, false friends of the cholesterol’s and the black list of the foods very rich in cholesterol), best modes of cooking, ten rules to follow and test your future level of cholesterol with a list of questions.

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