Purpose of Creating a Blog

A blog is an online journal that allows post information, opinions, thoughts and other material online. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important feature of the blogs.

Purpose of Blogging:
The major purpose of creating a blog is to get exposed to the online world with views and outlooks. The following are some other popular purposes of blogging:

Channel for expressing thoughts: A blog is one of the best and effective channels to express personal views and thoughts. Many bloggers use their blogs to post their opinions on some topics they are interested or proficient in.

Share personal experiences: Blogs can be used as a means of sharing personal experiences, hobbies or details of the blogger is maintained as an online dairy of the blogger. Many bloggers with distinct personalities and unique thoughts were successful to use their blogs as an effective means to become popular.

Blogging for businesses: Many businesses have found blogging as an efficient resource to communicate with a good number of people online. Blogging acts as an effective means of communication to provide information to target audience through online. Thus, they could enhance their business opportunities using online resources. Many businesses also use internal blogs to communicate effectively with their employees.

Blogging for Internet marketing: Internet marketers, these days, have started using blogs as resources to create backlinks for their websites. Thus, blogs help them to enhance search engine rankings of any website.

Effective monetization resource online: There is a vast percentage of bloggers who create and use their blogs to make money online. Bloggers earn money on blogs through programs like advertising, affiliate programs, blogging for businesses, raising donations, blog flipping, etc.

Entertainment module: There are many blogs run online merely run for entertainment purposes like Vlog, Photologs, Podcasts, etc. A blog, which focuses on music, movie videos, wallpapers and photos, etc., is called an entertainment blog.

Educational purposes: Blogs are also used for educating people online. Bloggers post information on a wide variety of topics like health tips, computers, home, do-it-yourself, traveling, sports, business etc.

The flexibility and ease of blogging resulted in the adaptation of blogs for various purposes. The constant search for new elements by the blogging service providers has resulted in many advanced features and options for the bloggers. These features are helping the bloggers to take the advantage of the blogs for various purposes.