Pull Up Banners: Easy To Carry, Quick Setup And Impressive!

The age of clumsy banners is gone. Instead of being fixed displays that took a lot of time to setup banners became portable. Even portable banners tended to be difficult to carry around unless they are small, too small for effect in many cases. It is into this scenario that the pull up banner entered.

Pull up banners typically include a lightweight base from which you can pull up a telescopic stand. The banners are rolled into a protective cover, and made with lightweight material like vinyl. For display, you unroll the banner and mount it on the stand which had just been set up.

The whole equipment weighs little and can easily be carried around in a carry case. At the location, it can be set up as above in minutes!

Most importantly, the vinyl backing can be digitally printed with eye-catching graphics, company logo and your promotional message using computer printers. The result is typically far more impressive than laboriously hand painted banners.

Pull up banners are suitable not only for promotional messages at your business establishment. They can be used at trade shows to pull in visitors into your stall. Create a great and desire inducing sales copy, print it onto the banner material, pack the whole thing including mounting equipment into the carry case, transport to the show grounds and put it up at a strategic location to get visitors into your show.

The display copy typically consists of your company name and logo, an eye-catching graphic, an interest arousing headliner and bulleted listing of attributes that convinces the reader that you have a great offer. The large banner area provides you sufficient space to make your message highly visible, and to accommodate a fantastic graphic.

It is the graphic that often makes the difference between effective and ineffective banners. The graphic should not only be eye-catching but should also make your display stand out among the numerous displays. Spending a little money on professional help to design the display copy is definitely worth it.

Equally worthwhile is spending a little more on getting the copy printed in way to get maxi mum impact. With modern computer based technology, the designs you provide can be quickly converted into a computer-recognizable digital format and sent to the large printer attached to a computer. The computer can even manipulate the design till it is just right in terms of impressiveness and clarity of the message being conveyed.

All you have to do now is to pack it into the pull up banner case, carry it to the location and pull up the display! It beats even the portable banner in that you need not clumsily lug around a large display. Instead, look cool and professional carrying around a great-looking carry case!

Use the pull up banner option at your retail store, at trade shows, at seminars, exhibitions, conferences and any other place where you want to convey easily visible, eye-catching and stylish messages effectively to a group of people. And do it stylishly instead of clumsily and laboriously.

And surprise of surprises is that all this effectiveness and convenience comes at a cost that is less than conventional, far from easy, banner displays