Puerto Vallarta – A deep sea fishing delight!

If you have ever considered a vacation in Mexico, the odds are good that you have heard about lovely Puerto Vallarta. This city has become a Mecca to tourists from all over North America. It has all the sun and the low prices that Canadian and American tourists love in Mexico, and it has a very diverse range of activities to enjoy.

Part of the reason for Puerto Vallarta’s popularity is the many recreational opportunities afforded by the city’s location on the Pacific Ocean. Combined with the tropical atmosphere in a city that lies in close proximity to rain forests as well as beaches, many new services have begun which cater to the tastes of individual tourists. Although the rest of Mexico may have some appeal insofar as festive atmosphere, tourists looking for more than heat and bars will always be attracted to this city.

One of the most original activities, as far as Mexican tourism, that is run out of the city of Puerto Vallarta is deep-sea fishing. This activity is embraced all along the Pacific Coast, from Alaska in the north right down to Argentina in the south. Puerto Vallarta residents as well as entrepreneurs from other countries, having recognized the commercial value of a deep-sea fishing industry that appeals to tourists, have developed several ventures running out of the city.


Aside from the great weather that makes deep sea fishing in the Mexican Pacific such a delight, there are species available to the deep sea sport fisherman out of Puerto Vallarta that offer some of the biggest thrills that sport fishing has to offer.

There are three species of marlin that call the waters around Puerto Vallarta home, all of them trophy potential. They include the blue, black, and striped species; marlin is the true prize of any committed angler, a fish that combines just the right amounts of difficulty in tempting and landing, not to mention a certain amount of danger!

Other deep-sea fish species that can be caught out of Puerto Vallarta include mahi mahi, yellow fin tuna, the incredible sailfish, grouper, and wahoo. All of these fish species make for excellent eating as well as perfect mounted or photographed trophy for your wall.

There is no better souvenir from your Mexican vacation than the one that brings back memories of hard work and companionship, and deep-sea fishing out of Puerto Vallarta is a sure way to get these souvenirs.