Public Speaking

Public Speaking: What’s with the Fears?

Whether you work only for a small group or you work big time, you still could not escape the reality that at one point in time, you have to address a group of people and speak your mind out. Whether it may be a business, classroom or crowd presentation you have to prepare yourself against the fears that public speaking could give.

But we can find a specific conflict here: why, when all other people fear the prospect of speaking in front of a crowd, other people seem to love and find pleasure in it?

The answers to this question are most probably connected to general and individual perspectives people have. The most typical people who often face the public are those who have brains enough and guts enough that they could think on foot while the pressure of being watched and waited upon by the audience drift. Maybe they are more capable of doing both simultaneously but that would make things unequal for everyone. If only those people with such qualities could speak in public, what then would be the role of other people? Will they forever be listeners? Of course not! And what if their time comes to approach the stage and address a crowd, would they just cowardly slip away and turn from the opportunity? Definitely not!

Everyone could equally grab the chance to face a crowd and make them listen to you. The problem, however, is that we have common perceptions against public speaking that hamper us from taking hold of the chance. The unfortunate thing is that we perceive public speaking as something that would expose our vulnerability. Why? We don’t exactly know but perhaps because we suppose that we are incapable of delivering something in front of the crowd. Top these with the fact that we are easily discouraged by the prospect of becoming a failure in front of everyone and thus, get the worse comments after.

Additionally, we all fear that people would scrutinize us and know our incapacities and imperfections. But aren’t all humans imperfect? You must realize that we are all capable of making ourselves great and craft from ourselves an almost-there perfect human with regards to specific aspects of our humanity. You must not be hampered by the fears and flaws that travel with you. You must always believe that somewhere in you, a component is struggling to find its way out so that you would get the recognition you deserve.

One of the most common deficiencies human has is their lack of confidence and self esteem. There are of course various factors that cause this phenomenon that we are totally not in control of. Such are the factors that have occurred during our childhood. Experiences, fears and indifferent treatment from the older people surrounding us could all contribute towards to our refusal to gain confidence during our maturity.

Public speaking is something that you must not be fearful of since you are, in the first place, capable of becoming a good (or even great and well-recognized) public speaker. You just have to first believe in your capacities and develop yourself into something that is unaffected by the commonly experienced fears.

Regardless of your skills and lacks, you must always keep in mind that even the greatest public speakers have to pass through various experiences that have honed them to become the people that they are and that that they do get the share of nerves once in a while.