Public Speaking Technique

Get that CONFIDENCE on Stage: 5 Techniques in Public Speaking

It is said that confidence in public speaking always comes with experience and time. Only a few are born and blessed with public speaking skills.

However, everyone can have that confidence in public speaking. All they need is to master the techniques in public speaking. But the first and most important is to learn the starting routine. Because when you do this perfectly, then for sure everything will follow smoothly.

Here are some simple routines to follow before you start with your presentation.

1. Walk slowly in the stage in a measured or controlled way as you stand up in facing a number of people and place your outline or notes gently on the lectern.
2. Pause for a while and glance at your audience in front of you while you relax and take a deep breath.
3. Smile at your audience and make them feel that you’re confident and relaxed.
4. Read the first sentence of your speech in a powerful tone and strong volume.
5. Catch the attention of your audience by showing them different expressions.

Proper discipline is the key to boost confidence and succeed in public speaking. Below are some invaluable suggestions for you to develop confidence in public speaking.


Enthusiasm as experts say is one that makes up a large number of failings on the side of the speaker.

Keep in mind that the audience knows if a speaker is enthusiastic. They will not give proper attention to the speech, if they know that the speaker is not enthusiastic in his/her public speaking.

Enthusiasm means your passion and interest in your own speech. You must convince your audience that you like what you are talking about.

Be Natural

As much as possible use your natural voice. Use your everyday voice. A fake and exaggerated manner of speaking, which is definitely not normal can be easily noticed by the audience. And they might not like it. So, you should not disguise yourself.

Just be yourself, be natural. Your audience would surely love hearing a normal style of public speaking. Remember that the audience concentrates more on the content of what you say, and not on the way you deliver it.
Lessen Anxiety

Overcome your anxiety by walking around the hall or meeting room before the audience come in. Entertain your audience by greeting them and let them feel comfortable. You can also say a few words. You can introduce your name and ask their name, etc, any ice breaking question.

And when you are ready to talk on the stage, you will feel like you are talking to a group of friends and not with strangers.

When you get Mentally Blocked

This is very usual to happen especially if you feel nervous. However, the trick is that, you just have to repeat the last word of the last sentence. Just wait for a few seconds until you recall and get back on the right track.

Just be realistic with your feelings. But don’t let those unnecessary feelings control you. You’re the only one who can control your feelings. Consider your audience as your family and friends that always want the best in you. Don’t be threatened by anyone. Let your speech inspire your audience.

Practice a lot and never give up. There’s always a room for improvement, so whatever your weakness is, with practice you can overcome it. Just keep in mind those public speaking techniques. Good luck.