Public Speaking Phobia

Public Speaking Phobia: Its Causes and Possible Solutions

It cannot be explained and yet there are a lot of individuals who’ve got public speaking phobia. They seem unable to escape the jittery effects brought about by the concept of public speaking. Public speaking phobia is all about being too terrified to be standing before a group of people for some certain presentations.

Public speaking phobia is known to bring about the feelings of tension, nervousness, anxiety, feeling faint, sweating, confusion, tightness of the abdomen, tripping over the words, going absentminded, speaking the words in a very soft manner, being afraid to make an eye contact, and many others. The effects of public speaking phobia for anyone vary.

Below are some of the common causes of public speaking phobia that adds up to the feelings of tension and panic and which affect the performance of an individual.

Being afraid of committing a mistake.
Being scared to go blank and lost his words.
Being afraid of rejection.
Being overly terrified to appear stupid and foolish.
Being worried about how people will find him—a relative waste of time and boring.
Being afraid to be examined by people.
The fear of suffering from a panic attack or some form of breakdown right there before the crowd.
The anxiety of the possible perception of the people about how he looks, speaks, and acts.

The list goes on and on for the ordinary causes of public speaking phobia. As experts have uprooted the cases of public speaking phobia, they have found out that these fears have their deep roots which have been thoroughly integrated into the personality of the person who is inflicted by the condition. They say that usually, the public speaking phobia has something to do with a traumatic experience as have been earlier suffered by an individual. The moment another experience in public speaking comes along, it is as if the past is once again triggered thereby causing the person to feel the same emotions and grave effects. Despite the fact that the experience somehow had happened in the past, it seems like the person is re-traumatized.

Public speaking phobia, in a way, dysfunctions an individual. His fear becomes too deeply embedded at the bottommost part of his personality and that there is no escape from it. Those who are vehemently affected by the condition tend to have low self-esteem and become overly shy. The psychologists have a solution for public speaking phobia. They are the programs known as psychotherapy, imagery exercises, meditation, EMDR, hypnosis, behavior modification, and the mind resonance process or MRP. However, despite these programs, there will be no positive effects to be reaped if ever the person himself lacks the willingness.

Of all these programs, most psychologists advise the usefulness of the mind resonance process as it is known to release the cause of that emotionally bothering trauma and more than enough provide help for the person to let go of his negative emotions, behaviors, beliefs, perceptions, and reactions. When all these factors are remedied, both the body and the mind are cleared.

If you are suffering extremely from public speaking phobia, there is a professional who could help you. You only need to be endowed with the right thinking and the willingness to change your condition. You must know that you cannot rid of the possibilities of public speaking therefore you have to act on it now.