Public Domain Books Available2

How to Make Money on Public Domain Books

What is public domain?

Public domain in its simplest term refers to body of knowledge that can be accessed by people. Nobody can place proprietary interest to it because it is intended for public use. Any person can use public domain books available whatever the purpose maybe, whether for commercial or non-commercial reasons.

In essence, the books in public domain are those books that are not covered by the copyright law. Books of this sort are ready for use even if there’s no permission to the author.

With the dawn of internet technology, it’s now easy to gain access to a public domain book. When you log in the internet, you will find that there are several public domain books available for you. The question is how will you know if a certain work is in the public domain?

Of course the first thing that you ought to do is to check the status of the book. You see there are different rules concerning the public domain. Each country has its own rules about it. In most instances, a book is considered to be in the public domain when the author has declared it to be as one. But usually, books are labeled as public domain book available for use if it is not covered by copyright or once the copyright has expired.

Now the next issue that you must consider is the significance of a public domain book available in the society. What are its advantages?

Public domain books available can be profitable. Yes, you heard it right. You can make money on these books. But how will you do it? Try these helpful ideas.

First and foremost, make a reproduction of the whole text as a book. Or you can put it together with the other works in the public domain.

The second thing that you can do is to make an e-book version of the public domain content available. Just simply convert the text in a PDF file format. Then market it through your website.

The third step is to edit it before submitting it for printing. Revise some sections of the book rather than reprinting the original manuscript. You can redraft the manuscript by incorporating additional sections or filling in some of the information presented in the book.

The next step is to add some pertinent components of the public domain into your work. Some of the components that you can incorporate to your work which are derived from the public domain are quotations. You can also get some important sections in articles and other books.

Another step that you can take is to change the public domain books available into another type. For example you convert a nonfiction book into a movie script. Or you can place an excerpt of the text on your website, then turn it a profit by utilizing Google Adsense and other forms of marketing. You can even convert the public domain material to CD format or MP3 file.

On the whole, the public domain books available can be accessed whenever you want to without the need to pay some fees to the original writers. But even though it is not necessary to pay tribute to the original author, it is still suggested that you do so as to build your credibility.