Psychic Readings And The Psychic Tea Shoppe

At the Psychic Tea Shoppe, you can get computer aided psychic readings free. This is a wonderful site with many options, including live psychic readings.

When you go to the site and click on Tarot, you will have a choice of spread you would like to use for your question.

Tetraktys: Is a ten card spread that will give you an idea of how things will be both spiritually and physically.
Cross and Triangle Spread: This spread will give you an idea of where you are gong in life.
Celtic Spread: The Celtic Cross is the most widely used spread. This spread will tell many aspects of your life.
Astrological Spread: Each card represents a house, and tells the strengths and weaknesses of each.
The Tree of Life: Gives a general view of the path your life has taken.
Relationship Spread: Explores the needs of both partners.
Planetary Spread: Gives you insight into the current state of your life.
Birthday Spread: Helps define goals you would like to accomplish before your next birthday.
The Star Spread, and the Mandala Spread, can also be found in the Tarot section.

If you would like a psychic reading with the use of Runes you simply click on Runes and you will be able to pick from quite a few different spreads for your reading.

Celtic Cast: Will shed light on many areas of your life.
Planetary Cast: This will also tell about the many aspects of your life.
Odin’s Cast: Will explore your past, present, and future.
Thor’s Cross: Is a 5 Rune spread that will give you insight into your life in general.
There are eight more casts in this area including, one for business, and one for career.

The I-Ching: Is a 2 hexagram cast that will give you insight into the way your life is headed and tips to help you over any bad areas.

There is also and Animal Spirits Oracle, the readings include:

Animal Spirits Oracle: Focus on your past, present and future.
Medicine Wheel: The focus is on energies in yourself.
Daily Animal Spirit: Explains how your day will go.
Attainment: define goals for your future.
Vision Quest: Will help to solve major life challenges.
Relationship Reading: Defines your relationship with another. The other person could be a mate, or lover, a business partner, or an enemy.
This area also has a Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon Reading, and a reading called The Coming Year.
There are other areas of this website that offer a Romance quiz, an ESP test, and a Personality test.

This is a very interesting website, and the computer generated readings are all free of charge. If you want to glean a bit of information about your life and yourself, I suggest you hop on over to the Psychic Tea Shoppe and try out a few of their psychic readings.

There is also a link to a site that offers free psychic readings. Sorry, I didn’t check it out, but you can.