Psychic Reading And Police Investigation

There are more people seeking help from psychics at the present time than there has ever been. Psychics are overlooked by many police departments because they do not believe in, or understand the vital information a psychic reader can bring to help them solve a crime.

Even those who believe in psychics and their abilities have to admit that not all who attest to be a psychic are for real. There are also psychics that are not as strong as others when it comes to receiving messages from the other side.

When police investigators decide to bring a psychic into the mix, it is important that the right type of psychic be chosen. These are the four categories of talents that psychics possess:

1. Clairvoyants, Precognitive, and seers, are able to see the future.

2. Spiritualists and Mediums, are able to communicate with those who have passed on.

3. Sensitives and Empaths, sense mental and body states, and sense emotions.

4. Psychometrists sense information from the physical.

Many psychics fall into more than one category as they possess several psychic talents. The type of psychics who would do well in helping the police solve crimes are the psychometrists and empaths. Each psychic has their own specialty such as, missing persons (some specialize in missing children), identification of a crime scene (without the body present), locating jewelry, ability to tune into the mental state or health of the perpetrator or the victim, detecting whether someone is lying or truthful, ability to see events in their mind that occurred at a given location, and many more.

You will not find two psychics with the exact same abilities. Some are able to get visual images of people, places, and items. Others can hear conversations or sounds that have already been conducted, and some can feel sensations, smell odors, or taste something involved.

It is most effective to use a team of two psychometrists to aid in crime solving. One who will be able to see images, and another who is able to hear messages, and two empaths- one for mental and the other for physical sensations. Or two psychometrists who have the ability for these things as well. It is best to consider psychics who are interested in helping the police, without expectation of monetary gain nor the desire to have their endeavors publicized.

Instead of waiting until they have exhausted all other options, or the case has turned cold, the psychic readers should be brought in when the case and the leads are hot. The psychic will be able to point investigators in the right direction, and vibrations of the incident will be abundant and more clear.

To give an accurate interpretation of the crime, the psychic should be allowed to walk the crime scene as soon as possible by themselves. A police official may be present, but should stay at a distance. A good psychometrist will be able to hold an item and give a informative reading. They may be drawn to an item that will give them the best images and audio clues.