Providing Quality Information through Your Auto Dealership’s Blog

Are you still thinking whether or not to create a blog on your auto dealership’s website? Well, then it’s high time for you to know that having a blog is not only a helpful way to provide information, but is also a great way to share your opinions, ideas and to keep your customers and potential customers informed.

Creating a blog for your auto dealership website gives you a chance to write on various topics like informational/educational articles, industry updates, new launches, vehicle reviews, discount offers, etc. You can also add photo/video galleries to enhance your blog.

Below are some tips on how to create a functional blog in your auto dealership website that not only adds value to your website but also attracts potential buyers to your site.

Create content that provides value – As a website owner your main priority should be on creating a blog that has fresh and unique content that attracts, informs, engages and educates your potential customers. Only this kind of content provides value to your customer.

By providing value, we mean to create content that helps potential buyers make right decisions. Not all buyers will have the same set of queries. For instance, a person looking for the latest Volkswagen cars will not type the same query as that of a person looking for the best family cars. Therefore, your blog should be versatile enough to provide all the information required by your target audience.

Update the blog regularly – A regularly updated blog shows your commitment to help your target audience by providing valuable information. So, make sure you are writing articles for your blog every month that are actually informative and insightful. You can also write about the latest trends in the automotive industry, latest product launches, new discount offers in your dealership, etc., to ensure that the content is fresh and up-to-date.

Create content that helps your audience – Latest ‘Content Marketing Survey Report’ says 60% of people buy a product only after reading content about it. Users typically search for the solutions to their queries, like which car to choose, what accessories to include, how to choose a dealership, etc. So, answering those questions through your blog is an excellent way to attract your target audience and to serve them effectively. This builds customer relationship and boosts your dealership’s credibility as a dependable source.

Don’t worry about the length of the content, focus on its depth – Make sure you give comprehensive information on every topic that you write. Many are worried about the length of the article. Industry experts say that an ideal word count is 500-600. However, if the write-up has all it takes to become an excellent piece of information and presented in an easy to read manner, people will read even if it is 1,000+ words.

To write an easy to read article – Keep the paragraphs short, use meaningful sub-headings, use bullet points, apply bold or italics to highlight important points and use relevant images or videos.

Structure the blog properly – A properly structured blog is an important aspect of a well maintained blog. Assume one of the articles in your blog brings a customer to your blog. If you want him to spend more time and read the rest of the articles, you have to create a design that makes it easy for him to find other articles in the blog. You can put ‘related/suggested articles’ list at the end of each article, create tags and list popular/recent articles on every page.

Now that you are clear on how to create and maintain your dealership blog, start writing quality content that will provide information to your visitors. They will surely remember your dealership and get back to you whenever they want to find either the information or the products that you offer.