Protests at Creation Museum – The New Politics of Science

The Rev. Mendle Adams who is pastor of a Cincinnati United Church of Christ is part of a group that calls themselves “Rally for Reason.” The group along with secularists and hard line evolutionists plan to be part of the protest at the opening of the new $27 million dollar, 60,000 sq ft Creation Museum in the suburbs of Cincinnati. They hope to see at least a few hundred protestors at the opening.

Pastor Adams thinks that literal belief in the Genesis account of creation, the byproduct of those who are opening the museum is that “They make us (Christians) a laughing stock.” Perhaps someone should remind Pastor Adams that Jesus was laughed to scorn at the raising of a dead girl and also during his suffering.

Christ said if we were ashamed of him he would be ashamed of us when he came with the glory of the Father and his angels. Mark 8:38 Does that mean he will be ashamed of us if we don’t hold fast to the Genesis account of creation? The simple answer to that is, yes but it is not predicated on the old country preachers oft heard retort “God said it, I believe it and that settles it.”

Secularists seem to think that theology is a haphazard un-provable heap of gobbledygook that hapless believers yank from the Bible randomly and assert even in the face of obvious reason to contrary. Studying the historicity, the syntax and language, the epistemology, the archaeology and the apologetic substance of the Bible are combined disciplines that have far more years in the making than Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Like philosophy, theology has its premises and conclusions which are not lost except to the minds of unbelievers and those who know little to nothing about what the Bible really says.

It is from this theology that we derive the answer to whether it is wrong not to believe in the Genesis account if we are Christians. Since our loyalty as believers is not primarily to any book of the Bible but to the Savior the Bible presents then it could be said that until we come to know more of these books we will not be refused by the Savior they present. But as we become more familiar with the Savior we see his view about the books we are studying. Here’s the catch.

Since Jesus said Adam and Eve were historical figures Mt. 19:4 then who are we to insist they weren’t. When the Bible says “the disciple is not above his master” that includes the education, reasoning and any other suppositions we claim we have deduced from whatever source we may have found them in. To say Jesus was wrong denies discipleship and makes a double talking fool out of us rather than the Lord or the Bible.
Sound theology adds further credence to the argument when we discover that Jesus Christ was Co-Creator. He was with the Father at the creation as an eye witness to it. In fact the Bible says the world and all that is in it, was made for him. (John 1:3)

Unlike secular scientists and evolutionists we in the faith have an eye witness. They have prior philosophic postulation which is by any other name pompous guessing with or without their spurious evidence to the contrary.

Jesus attested to God creating the world and Adam and Eve so who are we to think our wisdom or knowledge is greater than his. He started this world and he alone will end it and that is why he referred to himself as “The Alpha and the Omega.” Revelation 1:8

It could only be mans pride that would allow us to think that since we have gone from drilling holes in peoples heads to let out evil spirits to stem cells that might help grow human organs in only 6000 years of history, then we are a match for Jesus. He grew limbs where there weren’t any, retinas in eyes that were useless and dark, and living flesh on bodies that were entombed and beginning to decay all in a matter of a few seconds. Ah, but how could he have created a world as big as ours in only seven days?

When thousands of people followed Christ around ancient Israel they got hungry. He sat them down and with a prayer of thanks distributed a couple of loaves and fishes that grew as they were distributed to feed all of them. More leftover fragments were collected than the food they started with.

If scientist of today had been there they would no doubt insist that a huge bakery and fishing fleet from a nearby town was secretly engaged to implement the feeding and not the power Christ had to create something from nothing. But those scientists were not there, they are here insisting God could not create a world in seven days. Not understanding the person and power of God will always lead to these conclusions. Contrarily, understanding Gods power is why we know he could have done it all in seven minutes if he chose to.

Besides the growing number of credible scientist that are distancing themselves from the evolutionary model, some who are not even believers in the Bible, there is a burgeoning amount of new material now available through various sources including creation science that is powerful and convincing. 75 years of academic mindset and the oncoming of the world’s last dictator is keeping the Darwinists on track as much as anything else. It is hard to go on believing that science is the avant-garde of open mindedness in this closed minded climate.

Suffice it to say that the few hundred protestors that are supposed to be at the museums opening will far outnumber the numbers of inter species remains of Homo sapiens that modern science has produced so far. In fact a novice mathematician could use the lowest numbers of humans that any generation could have produced in any period and give us an idea of how many remains should be available. With disease, worldwide catastrophes and all other eventuations figured into the calculations the numbers of bones and remains would be staggering. It would be hard to dig a plot for the family garden without encountering a few skeletons of ancient man. This doesn’t happen because it can’t happen. This lends credence to the idea that it takes more than a theory to produce bodies and much more than a theory to produce the evolution of man. It only takes a mindset to produce a few hundred protestors at a creation museum opening.