Protect Clients With Voice Biometric Software

All kinds of businesses are now looking for the latest solutions in voice recognition and voice biometric authentification to ensure their security checks on the identity of their clients is 100% safe. Leading banks, multinational reservation companies and booking organisations are keen to invest in highly sophisticated technology that can guarantee the ultimate security in online banking transaction validation.

Facilitating voice verification within an organization gives an easy to use, safe method of confirming the client is who they claim to be, and financial companies prefer it to other methods as it’s simple to use, is user-friendly and reliable across several channels, and offers a particularly strong verification to portable appliances. Millions is being spent on improving current systems and reducing fraud which costs companies all over the world billions each year.

Any organization interested in employing voice authentication should consider solutions that are straight-forward to use and compatible for online banking and call center’s. Biometric systems are reliable and can be set up to take over a large part of the daily calls that generally take up so much valuable agent time.

Call centre operations offer a real challenge for businesses as they need to ensure they give a quality customer service along with limited call waiting times, and still have the opportunity to undertake some active selling. Accessibility to new technologies and improved working practices means that these goals are more achievable than ever before.

Voice biometric software will make your company stand out from the crowd and give clients a truly positive customer experience by ensuring there are no more mistakes made, callers get directed to the accurate agent or to the next self-service level much more quickly and so they are happy. Call centre costs are reduced as time is saved and the automatic system means you can reduce staff levels or put agents to better use in other departments where they can spend time more effectively by chasing sales and increasing profits. Agents are also happier as they don’t have to deal with repetitive, tedious calls daily and their job gets more interesting.

Integrating voice biometrics into the business means you can offer your customers the most efficient and safest tool available in keeping personal details safe and private. Callers simply speak in their normal fashion and the sophisticated software verifies the voice by comparing it with the pattern they have stored on file for that customer, as no two voice patterns are the same it is 100% foolproof. Once the callers identity has been confirmed then the call is put through to a customer service agent, this also enables the agent to greet the caller by name, putting the service on a much more personable level.

The rise in competition has meant that consumers have a lot more options when it comes to finding a financial establishment suited to their needs, banks, credit unions, building societies and any other organisation where money is involved have to offer a quality experience as otherwise customers will simply take their custom elsewhere.

Speech solutions can give an institution the sophistication it needs to be able to differentiate itself from its competitors, the latest technology offers a safer interaction for clients via voice biometrics and natural language speech recognition applications and can give you this upper hand. Every business want to achieve the objective of less fraud as it ultimately leads to happy customers which increases brand loyalty, pushes up profits and enhances reputation.

Learn more about how automatic speech recognition can assist your organization and give a far superior customer interaction than any of your competitors.