Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Stylish quartz countertops generate an upscale plea for any kitchen. Even though it is not a genuine stone such as marble or granite, it is a natural mineral mixed with resin binder and color additives to fashion up stunning counters for bathrooms and kitchens. It is a material widely chosen for counter-tops because of it beauty, durability, strength and low maintenance. Only few other materials on the earth are considered to be harder than quartz.

While quartz is a naturally occurring material, it can also be engineered or manufactured. As one of the form of engineered stone, this surfacing combines both the robustness and attractiveness of stone. Determining whether it makes a good choice for you depends on factors such as, cost sensitivity, style preference and the way its pros and cons are balanced.

• Attractive: Quartz countertops are beautiful and can be finished with a muted satin or shiny surface look of a honed finish.

• Wide range of colors available than in natural stones: Quartz is the second most bounteous underground material on earth and makes up to 90-95% of quartz countertops. While the remaining 5-10 % are manufactured versions and allows for a large variety of styles and colors for your countertops. Quartz countertops aren’t just the stone imitators but there are varied patterns and colors. They don’t look anything like stone; instead provide a beautiful surface adding charm to any kitchen or bathroom.

• Rich and luxurious look: The finished surface of quartz countertops vary greatly from other countertop types. There is a much cleaner and glassier look to a finished quartz countertop and the array of colors ensures a unique look every time.

• Durable: Quartz counters are exceedingly scratch resistant and more resilient to being chipped or cracked. They are highly durable and strong as other countertops such as concrete style but with much more beauty.

• Non-porous and stain resistant: This is one of the important features in favor of quartz. Non-porous surfaces are usually stain resistant to items such as vinegar, oil, wine and other staining things, thereby; they won’t pose any problem over the counter-tops. They also won’t harbor bacteria, germs and other undesirable vermin, so they ensure a clean and hygienic surface.

• Easy to clean: As a result of being non porous, they are impervious to stains resulting from spilled liquids and don’t need any periodic sealing to be done. It means that the need to clean your counters every two years or so is not mandatory. Also, the need to polishing or buffing is not required. Make sure that you avoid using harsh, abrasive cleaning agents that may dull the finish.

• Not heat resistant: While quartz being heat resistant, surfaces can be damaged by rapid and sudden temperature changes, as well as direct constant heat applied to it. The use of trivet or hot pad is always recommended.

• Expensive than granite: If you’re looking for a bargain counter-top, quartz may not be the right choice. Even though they are manufactured, they rank in popularity alongside other natural stone counter-tops and come with fairly hefty price tag. Also, they require professional installation.

If you want the ultimate modern appearance for your home and looking for reliability and durability, you should go for quartz counter-tops.