Proposing With a Ring

Do I Need to Have the Ring when I Propose?

Believe it or not, a surprising number of men and women propose to their future spouses without having the ring. For whatever reason, the person proposing pops the question without having the ring.

Many times, the proposal comes at the last minute before a long trip, or on a whim at a time when both members are entirely happy with each other. Other times, the man want sot express his desire to marry the women, but wants her to make the ring selection. Still other times, the man simply forgets to bring the ring. For whatever reason, proposals sans engagement ring occur more than you might imagine.

One of the major benefits of proposing without a ring is that your future bride will have the opportunity (and invitation) to select exactly the engagement ring that she likes. She will select the color, size and design that best suits her personality and your budget.

You do, however, run the risk of coming across as unprepared and insincere when you pop the question without a ring. In order to dispel any inclination that you are not entirely sure of the engagement, it is important that you at least have a well-prepared statement to accompany the proposal, such as, “I’m madly in love with you. I know you would want to select the ring, but I desperately want to spend the rest of my life with you. Now come, let’s go purchase the most perfect ring to highlight our love.”

Another major benefit of not having to worry about the ring from the onset is that the focus of the engagement is on the shared love between you two. When the ring is present, it is harder for her to turn down your proposal (which can be either good or bad). However, if you propose without the ring, you are assured to get the most sincere answer on her end. If she is truly unsure about your shared future, then she will have a better chance of turning you down if she knows that you have not gone through the trouble of purchasing a ring.

On the contrary, many women will be insulted if you do not take the time to shop for her. The point of a proposal is that you want your future spouse to feel special and honored to be proposed to. It is important that you ensure your future spouse that you love her and truly want her to be with you. Let her know that it is important to you that she selects the ring on her own and that the lack of a ring doesn’t represent the lack of a strong desire to be married to her.