Proper Pool Cue Care Tips

Unsure of how to take care of your pool cues? If you want to enhance the performance of your pool cue, and therefore your personal game – so you can be competitive, then you need to make sure that you suitably care for and maintain your pool cue. It looks as if such an item would need little attention, but that’s not the case

While it will only take a little bit of time now and then, you must make use of pool cue care on a common basis, but you can’t do it alone. There are several items in the pool world that will help immensely in the process. A cue case, a scuffer, tips, and a cube are all absolutely essential — and in the case of the cue tip, you’ll need a few because you should replace it regularly for maximum performance. I won’t make any brand recommendations, but there are quite a few good ones, so be sure to shop around and educate yourself on them.

So what are the pool cue maintenance steps? Firstly, it’s important to know what damages a pool cue. Environments that fluctuate between hot and cold, and side pressure (leaning a cue against the wall, for example) are a couple of major enemies. This is why a pool cue case is so important! If you store a pool cue in a case, you can defend it from changing weather and also from being handled by folks who may drop it or apply unnecessary pressure on it.

It’s also important that we talk about what exactly side pressure is. Pool cues are designed to be as straight as a line – thus is the reason they are placed on vertical racks! When a pool cue is leaning against a table or wall, or resting at an angle on the pool table, or when it’s being waved around for play (like used as a sword, etc), or even when it’s used sideways to move around balls on the pool table – it can incur damage! So it’s important you discourage these activities. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on your pool cue; don’t let people borrow them, etc. A cue holder, in addition, is a great thing to own to keep your pool cue nice and straight whenever it is not in use.

Don’t forget to scuff and shape your cue as regularly as is advised, and don’t just choose any scuffer to complete the job – only a high quality model will be useful. Furthermore, if you have an adjustable-weight bolt system on your cue, avoid changing that weight on your own. Make use of the assistance of a professional.

Sure, proper pool cue maintenance will require of you a small investment of time and money; but if you take the steps right away, you won’t have to suffer later. The bottom line is if you want your pool cues to perform like they should, last a long time, and of course – look marvelous! – then you can’t neglect them.