Proper CD storage in a Car

Smart Storage Of Car Stereo CDs

Having a great CD collection is a thing of pride for many. Coupling that CD collection with a fantastic car stereo system is even better. But when the CDs start to take over the available space in a car, it’s time to do something.

Unorganized CDs in a car can create issues not only for the neatness factor, but also for the driver. If a driver has to search around for a title while driving, accidents can happen. The best bet for listening to music in the car is to ensure CDs are in easy reach, they’re organized for quick location and they don’t take up too much space.

Studies support the idea that listening to music while driving can improve a motorist’s skills behind the wheel, but this doesn’t apply to the time taken to find that music. The smart motorist organizes music before a trip, puts it in a location that’s fast to change out and makes sure it’s in arms reach. Or, he or she ensures the music is locked and loaded in a CD changer or a MP3 disc before the trip even beings.

Keeping a CD collection straight in a car isn’t always easy, but there are a few devices that can help. These include:

* A car’s built in storage system. Many automakers have included CD holders right in the center glove box in some cars. These are easy to access for drivers and passengers and can help organize a limited number of CDs and their cases. The problem with these, however, is the fact the cases have to be gone through to get the CDs out. This is, of course, not a good idea while driving. But, if a driver does the CD player change outs at stops, this system works pretty well.
* A soft, zipper case. Perhaps one of the best ways to effectively store CDs for portable use is a soft case designed specifically for multiple titles. By taking the chunky plastic holder out of the mix and putting CDs in a location where they can be quickly flipped through and grabbed, these are great for fast changes at red lights. There is another advantage to this, as well. They remove the risk of titles being visible to would-be thieves and the cases can be easily stowed under a seat for extra security.
* Other car multimedia holders. Anything that organizes CDs and other musical offerings and helps keep them out of sight when they’re not in use is a good idea.

The best bet for a driver is to go with what is the most comfortable. Do make sure all CDs are out of view when the car’s parked to help deter theft. Also, be extra certain whatever storage offers easy access for changes or, better yet, make the changes before you head out.