Promotional Mugs For The Workplace

Promotional mugs are fast becoming one of the leading and best selling promotional products available. What better way to advertise, promote your company than a promotional mug. Everyone likes their own mug in a workplace and especially one you can tell apart from the rest, Promotional Mugs can be quirky and funny with catchphrases and pictures some can even show a small story.

If not for personal use a promotional mug can be branded with your company name and logo, perfect as corporate gifts and to get your name out there. Your logo can be printed as big as the mug will allow, your mug can even be colour coded to your companies colours.

Promotional mugs can be manufactured using a variety of materials:

  • Ceramic Materials
  • Bone China
  • Plastics (Acrylic)
  • Strengthened glass such as Pyrex

All of which can be customised to your needs.

Colour Match mugs

This is a colour coating service for precise corporate colours allowing exact Pantone Matching. Colour Matching is available on all types of Promotional Mugs. The Pantone colour coating offers a very professional and unique Promotional Mugs for businesses, offering an endless choice for specific colour options.

Image Changing Mugs

Image changing mugs make a great gift for everyone, due to the temperate of drinks like Tea and Coffee special materials can be used to print on the surface of mugs, this can allow for an image to change ones a hot drink is poured into the mug. There are many types of image changing mugs available some of with can be funny and others for marketing purposes. Special paint can alo be used in the manufacture of mugs changing the complete colour of a mug once a hot liquid is poured in.

The techniques used to create these designs are techniques such as Silk Screen Printing and Decals, these are fired onto the mug to ensure permanence.

Functions of a Mug

Mugs serve many functions and are especially suited to containing hot liquids.

  • Mugs provide a handle that is insulated from the heat providing a space to grasp the mug without burning yourself.
  • Promotional Mugs insulate the contents (beverage) preventing the drink from cooling to quickly. The beverage is kept separate from cool air by the thickness of the walls and the indentation in the base separates the beverage from the surface it is placed upon.
  • Mugs are not just used to store drinks; they can even be used as a showpiece or a collector’s item. Collectors are often drawn in by specific designs or shapes and store them in glass fronted cabinets.

Mug Storage

Mug Tree’s are a popular way to store mugs, a mug tree is usually a wooden pole on a base with arms coming off of the pole, the mugs handle is placed over the pole allowing the mugs to hand and their designs to be shown off for all to see.