Prom Hair Straightening Story

Saturday, May 6th

It’s only two weeks until my senior prom. I almost have everything ready. My dress is hemmed, the flowers are ordered, and I have a gorgeous date, but I don’t know what to do with my hair! The problem is that I have frizzy, unruly, blond curls atop my head. I want to be able to have fun and dance, while looking good too without my hair getting in the way. Within the next week I am going to investigate hair straightening and find out what method is best for me.

Sunday, May 7th

Today I made an appointment for Tuesday after school at my local hair salon. They are going to educate me on permanent hair straightening, inform me of the kinds of services they offer, and what will be best for me.

Monday, May 8th

I can hardly wait to go to the salon tomorrow. My friend Ashley from school said that if I decide not to get my hair permanently straightened that she could style my hair. I trust her because she is a certified cosmetologist, and she has been doing this for four years, but it would only be temporary. I almost have my heart set on the idea of permanently having straight hair.

Tuesday, May 9th

I just came back from the salon and acquired a wealth of knowledge. I met Susan who is a certified professional. She began by showing me her credentials and her visual portfolio. There was substantial proof that she had experience with chemical hair straightening. At this point I became very optimistic and interested. She continued by describing the process to me. Their particular salons’ main ingredient is Thioglycolate (Thio for short). It causes the sulfur bonds in hair to separate and in turn take a new shape. Then the sulfur bonds are reconnected to keep the new shape. To determine the strength of the relaxer there should be a strand test. She said she could perform one right that moment. She checked the texture, elasticity, and amount of damage to my hair. Because my hair is chemically lightened the relaxing formula should me very mild, but because my hair is coarse a semi-mild to normal relaxing formula would be used. Susan said if I was definitely interested she would test a sample of my hair before performing the entire process. The only down side of chemically straightening my hair is the maintenance. I would have to use a moisturizing shampoo made for chemically treated hair and a high quality rinse out or leave in conditioner. On top of that, before combing my hair I should use a detangler then use a wide toothed comb with smooth teeth. Susan said to also made use I work from the ends to the roots, and be very gentile when combing. And finally I would have to limit my use of hot styling tools and hot blow dryers. Needless to say, I left the salon not knowing what decision I should make.

Wednesday, May 10th

I decided to do some research after school today because of my inability to decide if I should chemically straighten my hair or not. It would be nice to never deal with frizzy, curly hair again, but I would pay the price with the upkeep of it. Well, I looked up chemical hair straightening on my computer and found out some things Susan neglected to inform me of. Erosion and damage of the cuticle can occur during the chemical processing, making breakage more liable to occur. Also, if the chemicals are overlapped during the chemical straightening touch up process breakage can result. If this special care is not taken my hair could become brittle and stiff and possibly break off easily. After reading all these articles about my hair possibly falling out, I was extremely turned off my chemical hair straightening. I would rather have curly hair than no hair at all. If I chose to have my hair chemically straightened I could not go back to having it curly until it grew out. In short, I would be chemically altering my hair, breaking the bonds that make it curly. It would be a big commitment and probably a burden to keep up with. I have decided to rule out the option of chemically straightening my hair and ask Ashley about how she would straighten my hair for prom.

Thursday, May 11th

Today I talked with Ashley at school during study hall. She said that she would still be willing to do my hair for prom, but she would be using a much different method. First she would wash and towel dry my hair in her studio. Using a mild shampoo and a strong conditioner. Then she would apply a straightening balm to allow the heat to pass through my hair quickly. Next she would be using a hair straightening iron. Her iron is a professional tool with ceramic coated plates that allow the heat to be evenly distributed, preventing damage to my hair. This sounded much more safe than chemically straightening my hair. She said she would use a nylon brush to pull my hair taut while straightening it so we get better results. A low to medium heat setting would be used for my hair because it is blonde but also coarse. Then we could style it from there or leave it the way it was, securing my chosen style with hair gel. I agreed to let Ashley do my hair for prom night. I feel much better now that I made a decision a week before prom. By choosing to straighten my hair with an iron opposed to chemically straightening it I won’t be damaging it as much and I can still go back to my natural curls.