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Professional Plumbers Gainesville | Time to Call a Plumber

grayscale photography of faucetWhen Is It Time To Call a Plumber? 

It’s easy to forget about the entire plumbing system when it’s always working and providing water. Sometimes people don’t even know there’s something wrong with their plumbing until it has become a major inconvenience for everyone in the household. 

Plumbing issues may seem to come out of nowhere. But, there are some indicators that point to small problems that could potentially become major damage if not immediately addressed. And, remember that these issues should only be dealt with by an expert to avoid any further damage. Here are 4 signs it’s time to call professional plumbers in Gainesville: 

No Water  

Nothing is more frustrating than having a load of dishes or laundry and not have running water. Sometimes, lack of water is due to the water company doing maintenance around the area. So, try to check with your neighbors first if they’re experiencing the same problem. If not, then there’s something wrong with your plumbing. This could be due to frozen pipes, major backup, or a leak.  

There are some special cases that you should also be aware of. If you have cold water but no hot water, the problem could be your water heater. If you don’t have water in only a certain floor or area, it could be a problem with your water pressure. Take note of these signs and relay them to your plumber when you call for their service. This will give them an idea of the issue and bring the proper tools and equipment to solve the problem.    

Gurgling Water 

Most people tend to ignore the sound of gurgling water when using the toilet, shower, sink, or laundry. But, this indicates that there’s a clog. In a way, the gurgling is the sound of your drainage system looking for air. It’s working harder to drain all the water, which increases the likelihood of the water spilling into your home. This can be a health risk to the people in your household since used or contaminated water can flow out of your drain.  

If you hear gurgling water, it’s best to turn off your main water supply and call a plumber immediately. They’ll be able to mitigate the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. If it’s a clog, they can use hydro-jetting to get rid of the blockage. This process will effectively remove the clog as well as any dirt, grease, and grime in your plumbing. Not only is it more efficient, but it’s also safer for your pipes since it doesn’t use any chemicals.  

Colored or Smelly Water 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to pinpoint where a foul odor is coming from in a home. If it smells like garbage or sewage water, then you might have a damaged sewer pipe, and contaminated water may be spilling into your home. The foul smell could also be coming from a backup in your drain, pump, or toilet. 

The color of the water can indicate different plumbing problems. If the water is brown or rust-colored, there could be too much iron present in your supply. This means that it’s time to replace some of your pipes. Brown and rust-colored water can also indicate a problem in your water heater. On the other hand, blue or green-tinted water points to a corroded copper pipe in your plumbing line. To prevent any health hazards, be sure to call your plumber as soon as you notice a discoloration in your supply. 

Low or No Water Pressure 

Low water pressure can be as much of an inconvenience as having no water at all. It makes everything harder and take longer than usual, from taking a shower to washing the dishes. This issue is usually caused by a clog in the faucet or showerhead aerator. Homeowners tend to deal with this by simply poking holes through the faucet, but this could lead to bigger damage. If you’re experiencing low water pressure throughout your house, then there could be a cracked or damaged pipe somewhere in your plumbing system.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, get in touch with professional plumbers in Gainesville as soon as you can. These experts can quickly spot and repair the damage before it becomes a major problem or health hazard for the people in your household.