Procrastinating? Try this!

Copyright 2006 Juanita Bellavance

There is a powerful energy that comes from interaction with others. Have you ever been on a teleclass call where it was highly interactive? The class almost takes on a life of it’s own in the midst of the high energy that occurs when so many minds come together.

Here are several ways to put a stop to your procrastination:

1. Start listening for when you hear others who are interested in a similar goal as yours. For example: If you want to start exercising more or want to run or walk a marathon, get involved with a group of people who are doing the same thing. The human being has a natural tendency to want to “measure up” and prove to self they are “good enough.” By putting yourself in a group, your natural desire can become a strength to get you in action. Who wants to be left behind your peers? Not me!!

2. Form your own group of people with similar goals. Start letting people know you have a goal and keep putting if off and want to create an environment for yourself that pulls you toward your goal.

3. Create a vision of how your life will be once your goal is accomplished. Experience the fabulous FEELING you will have once it is achieved. That feeling is what will hold you in the game, not those goals! Try it and see! And for a FR.EEE Report about vision writing go here:

4. If you have all the above in place and find that you are still procrastinating, work on your BELIEF that what you want is possible. The best way I know to do this is to find a mentor or coach who has accomplished what you desire to accomplish and take action on what that person tells you to do – in baby steps. They have no reason to tell you something that they have not found to be so. Trust them – once you have found someone you KNOW has accomplished what you desire. Be as a child in this trust. I refer you to a book by Wayne Dyer, You’ll See it WHEN You Believe It.

When you form a group of people to interact with who have similar goals as you (while non-competing goals with yours), you have formed a mastermind team. Some describe the phenomenon that occurs during the conversations in a group like this as the presence of the “third mind.”

It’s in the “third mind” state of conversation that the most creative and magnificent ideas emerge. Make sure someone is writing. The ideas that emerge in this state of conversation disappear almost the instant they are spoken if not captured. The person who speaks the ideas at this stage of the interaction will seldom remember what it was exactly as they said it. If no one is writing, then have a recorder running during the entire meeting. You cannot predict when these amazing thoughts will appear.