Procedure of Expression of Milk from the Breasts

Expression of milk from the breasts means squeezing out the milk from the breast and the expectant woman should be fully conversant with the techniques and the correct procedure. It is also important that she should have full knowledge and practice of the technique beforehand as this would prevent panic and failure when expression is actually required.

There are many situations where a woman needs to squeeze out her milk from the breast. Breast milk may have to be expressed if the baby is very weak and premature, and, therefore, cannot suckle. Other reasons may be – mother is sick and hospitalized or the baby is sick; if the nipple is sore or the breasts are engorged, and breastfeeding is very painful; if the mother has to go out and is unable to take the baby along with her.

Procedure of expression of milk

1. Wash and clean the hands before starting expression of breast milk. Milk should be collected in a clean bottle or clean container with a cover.
2. Express the breast with one hand and use the other hand for collecting the milk. Hold the breast in the hand and hold the areola between the thumb and the first finger.
3. Now gently squeeze the areola and with your hand, press the breast towards the chest. After repeating this two or three times the milk will begin to squirt out intermittently.
4. Keep squeezing the areola in between the spurts to encourage the hind-milk. Both hands can be used and the help of someone else may be taken to collect the milk.
5. During the expression of milk, the milk comes out slowly in comparison to natural suckling. The procedure helps to empty the breasts as well as to stimulate them to keep producing the milk.
6. Do not freeze or boil the expressed the milk as this will reduce its nutritious value and affect its useful properties.

A breast pump may be used to express the milk. Breast pumps are readily available in the market. Guidance for the operation of the breast pump can be obtained from the lady doctor. Hope this article will help you to guide how to express milk out of the breasts.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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