Probiotic Miracle for Baby Boomers…

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms with clinically documented health benefits.Our bodies are designed to function best with millions of these friendly probiotic bacteria living in our intestinal tract.

When we are healthy, over 100 trillion of them flourish in our intestinal tract. They help with digestion, absorption and the production of significant amounts of B vitamins and enzymes. Most importantly, they overpower the negative, bad bacteria.


We need Probiotics in our body because they help to boost our immunity and guard against many illnesses. Most people eat a terrible diet composed of highly processed foods that are filled with chemicals and simple sugars and carbohydrates, these are seriously lacking in probiotics.

Because of the heavy use of pesticides and fertilisers, these soil-based microorganisms (probiotics) are no longer living in the dirt of most farms. Drinking chlorinated water destroys our intestinal flora. Even farm animals are fed antibiotics to keep diseases down and of course antibiotics kill off the good bacteria.

Regrettably, most people do not realise that the health they are experiencing has a direct connection to the billions of beneficial microorganisms that live in their gastrointestinal tract.


Significantly for ‘baby boomers’ Probiotics can make a big difference to how we look, feel and rejuvenate.As we age, the colonies of friendly bacteria just naturally age and lose their vitality and ability to fight off negative bacteria.

Life style and stress disrupt the effectiveness of the good bacteria. Anti-inflamatory drugs destroy the good fauna in our tract. Chlorine in drinking water, kills bacteria but also destroys the ecology of the fauna in our intestine. All meat and chicken (not organic) are injected with antibiotics, these destroy all the good bacteria. Processed foods are filled with chemicals, sugars and carbohydrates-not good news for probiotic bacteria.


Lowered cholesterol Cleaner intestinal tract. B-Lymphocyte and related anti-body production stimulated. Help to kill viruses and parasites. Allergies and skin problems are aided by taking probiotic bacteria Yeast and fungal infections may be prevented with supplements of probiotics. Protection against stomach ulcers.

A Healthy intestinal tract is one of the body’s first lines of defense against invaders and it enhances healthy immune function. Experts now believe that declining levels of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract may actually indicate the onset of chronic degenerative diseases. It is therefore essential to take supplements to maintain these important microorganisms.